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  1. 2 hours ago, time2rock said:

    I don't know if Kelce's successor is on the roster yet or not, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to use a mid round pick on a guy like this. Whoever will take over at OC should spend a year or 2 working behind 62, learning from him. With talk of retirement in the near future, we need to identify that person now.

    I really like Hennessey from Temple. He's very athletic and similar to Kelce who he could learn from for a year or two.

  2. 5 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    Bradberry is much better than Waynes bud. Much much better. Think of the WRs that Bradberry faces 6 times a year in the NFC South. And he shadows them. 

    Agree. I’d rather have Bradberry than Jones . I think he’s better- he matches up against Julio, Thomas & Evans and holds his own. Waynes is terrible and Jones is solid but will be way overpriced.

  3. 40 minutes ago, ManchesterEagle said:

    I like the idea. Even at 7 million. When he had the chance to start he put up big numbers. He certainly has more upside than Robinson. Robby Anderson will probably be double the cost, Cooper close to triple.

    We obviously still draft a couple of receivers, but they may not be ready, so why not give this guy a chance. PFF had him rated in the low 70s both of the last two years. That's pretty good. By comparison - Robinson and Agholor were both in the 50s and Robby Anderson was 68.

    PFF isn't the be all and end all - but it's encouraging he has graded well. The knock on him were always drops and he seems to have dealt with that over the past couple of years.

    Up to 7 million is worth the gamble IMO.

    I agree but I'd like an option for a 2nd year. If he plays well, you pick up his option and he replaces Jeffery next year (2021).

  4. 4 hours ago, Captain F said:

    Image this scenario...

    Pick 21 comes and these WR are all still on the board




    Then when they get to their 2nd pick these guys are still there





    I don't see how they DONT take WR with both picks. Our biggest need happens to be the at the perfect time with the plethora of WR talent this year. 

    Agree- can you imagine drafting Ruggs and Reagor. That would rival Hill and Hardman in terms of speed. In 2021, we could be starting Reagor, Ruggs & Ward at the slot. With JJaw coming off the bench in the red zone.

  5. 16 hours ago, Portyansky said:

    Any one of these 4 I'll be happy with. But wouldnt be surprised if we take a CB either.

    You wouldn't be happy with Reagor in the 2nd? He has a very similar skill set to Ruggs and if you can draft him in the 2nd he's a steal. Then you can address CB in the 1st. Just not sure Reagor makes it to us in the 2nd. If we address the CB situation in FA, I would love to see Ruggs in the 1st and Reagor in the 2nd. With the return of Djax we would have one of the fastest receiving groups in football. Tough to do with so many other holes on this team.

  6. 9 hours ago, bumpy93 said:

    ,I would love to see Trae Waynes be brought in, depending on his price-tag. Im not sold on WR- Robinson like others are. He played in an amazing offense in KC with players like Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce, and Mecole Hardman. Defenses weren't worried about robinson when they had to double three of the guys I listed above, so Robinson should have been mismatched against lesser defenders due to the top DB's chasing the others around.

    Not to mention he has the best QB in the NFL throwing him the ball. He could be great if he gets a full-time gig but right now, we need more assurances for the $$$$$ we might put out for a free-agent WR

    Waynes is terrible. Checks all the boxes in terms of size and speed but if you watch him play he’s terrible. Even Mills are Darby are better and they both suck. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Steve 17 said:

    The Eagles may need a new backup quarterback behind Carson Wentz this season.


    With Josh McCown and Nate Sudfeld both set to test free agency in March, the Eagles could move in a different direction at the position.

    While the Eagles value experience at the backup quarterback spot, the team may want to move away from the aging McCown. Similarly, Sudfeld, who has limited game experience, could look for work elsewhere after being passed over for McCown last season.


    If the Eagles were to replace one or both quarterbacks, the free-agent pool would actually be pretty appealing for backup passers. The depth of the group should play into the Eagles’ favor, as there are only so many openings for competitions and true starting jobs.

    Here are three options the Eagles should consider for the backup quarterback job in free agency:

    1. Case Keenum

    Keenum seems doomed to be a journeyman backup until the end of his days. He is probably the most logical replacement for McCown on the market. He won’t be too expensive, and he has more playoff experience than Wentz. Keenum could easily hold down the fort for a game (or four) of spot duty.

    2. Chase Daniel

    Daniel had a weird stint with the Eagles in 2016. He signed with the team and thought he would be able to compete for a starting job under Doug Pederson. The Eagles then re-signed Sam Bradford (before trading him) and traded up to acquire the No. 2 overall pick to draft Wentz. Daniel spent his lone season in Philadelphia as a high-paid backup. Perhaps he would be willing to come back with a defined role at 34 years old.


    3. Jameis Winston

    Winston is probably a long shot but is at least worth monitoring. While he still clearly has appeal to the Bucs, Winston may not interest many other franchises as a starter in free agency. If Winston doesn’t receive the franchise tag, he may need to rehab his value as a backup in a high-powered offense. Winston, a former No. 1 overall pick, would be quality insurance for Wentz. His 30 interceptions last season should turn most teams off in the starting quarterback market.

    I'd rather go with Mariota as my first choice. I think he's a lot like Tannehill- he just needs a change of scenery to show what he has. Then my second  choice would be Fitzpatrick. This guy is the perfect backup; he's fiery, smart and can easily hold the fort down for 3-4 games. Anything more than that and you're asking too much.

  8. 6 hours ago, DeathByEagle said:

    Get over the Metcalf pick. Look at all the other teams that passed on him as well. He was and still is a horrible route runner. He has speed and size, that is why he wasnt picked until he was. He just so happens to fit Seattle perfect with Wilsons ability to make plays out of the pocket and break down defenses. Metcalf on almost every other team prob is a avg WR at best. Its not always the player but how they fit on the team and the scheme. 

    I personally wanted AJ Brown but Titans snagged him right before the Eagles pick. I dont think Metcalf comes even close to the success he had in Seattle here. Im not giving up on Whiteside yet. 1- They didnt give him many chances this season, 2- They are using him wrong for his skill set, 3- No one is coaching this kid. 

    You can teach route running but you can't teach freakish size, speed and ability.

    Ironically, JJ was a terrible route runner this year.

  9. 51 minutes ago, DeathByEagle said:


    Most drafts you have to be thrilled if you hit on 2 of your picks. We hit for sure on Sanders and Dillard. Lets not forget they didnt have many picks to begin with. Whiteside is a project but if a good WR coach and help him with his route running, he could be solid in the years to come. Never regrade a draft till 3 years after but honestly 2019 just hitting on 2 of the 5 is a good success. Better ratio then most teams in the NFL. 

    We didn't have a lot of picks but we had 3 in the first 2 rounds. You really should hit on those picks and on top of that 3/4 of this board wanted DK Metcalf instead of JJ. Now, as we watch Metcalf doing his best TO impersonation, we're stuck with JJ who can't get off the bench. I just can't get past that miss.

  10. I disagree with some of his points on so many levels.

    First, there’s no way a healthy Alshon is the best receiver on this team by far. A healthy DJax is way better. DJax is a game breaker and can score any time he gets the ball. Alshon is a slow possession receiver who drops some catchable balls now. 

    Second, why is Harrell a good choice? Because he has a good resume in college? So did Chip Kelly. I want a proven NFL coach who we know what to expect from. 

    The Wentz vs McNabb argument is just stupid. First, Wentz hasn’t been healthy and if he was he would’ve won a Super Bowl. Also, he should get some credit for a SB. They wouldn’t have won without him. Second, the NFC was a joke when McNabb was playing. It’s much more competitive now. 

  11. 3 hours ago, BKLYNYG said:

    Panthers gave Rhule  7 year deal worth up to $70 Million! He called the Giants to see if they would match (they were his first choice) and they said no thanks. Good move. 

    I don't know much about Judge, but he's learned from the best, Bill B and Nick Saban. 

    How do you know not matching Rhule was a good move? He has a proven track record unlike the guy they ended up hiring. You could look back in a couple years and it might be a huge regret. Besides, it’s not your money. Who cares what they pay a coach. 

  12. 9 minutes ago, cowboy30 said:

    How do you guys rank the NFCE coaching changes?? I don’t mind McCarthy, but I do feel like Rodgers carried him. But that might be also said for Brees carrying Sean Payton and Wilson carrying Pete Carol.

    Mike is better than Garrett, but I do hope he’s given a short leash. Any hire at this point is a gamble. I’m somewhat happy, yet terrified that Mike McCarthy decided to lock himself up in his garage and study football for a year, including analytics I believe. 

    McCarthy doesn’t like running the ball and that’s the Cowboys bread and butter. Zeke will not be happy unless he changes his coaching style.