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  1. 7 hours ago, Yigglez said:

    Please correct my mistakes here, if there are:

    Release Crevon LeBlanc with an injury settlement and re-sign him to IR after he clears waivers, which he's sure to with his injury.

    Keep Maddox, Darby, Douglas, Jones and Scandrick on the 53 plus Mills on PUP. [5 CB]

    Keep McLeod, Jenkins, Sendejo, Cyprien [4 S]  Re-sign Countess on IR if he clears waivers (where is Countess in that process now, after being released?)

    Release Paul Worrilow with an injury settlement after the last 2 games, and re-sign him to IR after he clears waivers, which is likely with the ACL still inflamed.

    Keep KGH, Bradham, Brown, Edwards, Fort, Gerry [6 LB] Send Singleton to the PS if he clears waivers.

    Keep Cox, JacksonM, Jernigan, Ridgeway, Hester [5 DT]

    Keep BG, Barnett, Curry, Hall, Sweat, Miller [6 DE]. Move Miller to IR with a headache, then re-sign Harold if he clears waivers.

    Can all that be done as-described? Any chances there not worth taking? Any roster spots there unearned or unlikely to pay off?

    If you cut LeBlanc there’s no way you’re getting him back. He’s a good player at a premium position.

  2. 13 hours ago, jsb235 said:

    Not this year, we are fine at safety with McLeod, Jenkins, Sendejo and Cyprien. But looking ahead, we need to find potential young starters, and it seems dumb not to try the guys who are already on the roster rather than drafting unknowns.

    We already know Maddox can play safety. This year, if Mills is healthy, that's where he should get his reps. 

    I think Maddox’s best position is slot corner. I’d prefer him there than safety. He’s great at Safety in an emergency or as a 4th|5th Safety but I like him better as a corner. We have no idea about the health of Mills or Cyprian so I don’t think you can count on either guy. Sendejo, Countess and Scandrick are short timers here. I really think they need a young safety with Jenkins is getting old and McLeod being injury prone.



  3. 23 minutes ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    You think he makes it? See before Thursday I didn't think he would. One preseason game doesn't change my mind but hey if he impresses the rest of the way then he may just make it. He'd need us to keep 6 DEs though unless Miller is this year's mystery IR guest. 

    I don’t think Miller’s ready for the NFL so they’ll find a mystery injury and IR him.

    I’m just not sold on any of the potential 4th safeties. I would love it if Cyprien showed something but he was unsigned until now for a reason. Not sure he’s healthy. I think maybe they go into the season with 3 and put Scandrick in a hybrid role. Then maybe they’ll see who gets cut by another team. They really need a young safety that they can develop.

  4. 14 hours ago, Rob331 said:

    This is dated already with the trade of Bates for Harold. 

    One more linebacker - Edwards or Singleton and one fewer DT probably Hester.

    Cyprian not Countess

    Hall makes the team of there's an injury to another DE

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they only keep 3 safeties. They have Scandrick and Maddox who can play safety if necessary.

  5. 21 hours ago, weko said:

    We need to keep hall as a 6th DE.  No need to keep both Pryor and rugby, so I go 9 OL and keep Hall instead.  Miller is a rookie and Sweat has to prove the knee will hold up and he can produce.  Hall is also our other big bodied run stuffer at DE besides Curry.  Can't cut him.  I thought they might find a way to IR Miller.  Maybe they still do.  He played better than expected last night, so will have to see about that.  LB is a concern with our top 2 out.  Gerry looks like another in a series of underwhelming 3rd day picks by Howie.

    I agree Hall probably makes the team. He plays well whenever given the chance.




  6. On 7/13/2019 at 3:45 PM, weko said:

    The Players Association needs to get guarantees for some or all contract money.  Look at the absurd money in other sports, all guaranteed.  The guard from the Trailblazers just signed for $49,000,000 A YEAR for 4 years.  $196,000,000 all guaranteed.  Baseball and hockey all have guaranteed contracts and long ones at that.  Last I looked the NFL minimum salary was around $595,000 and the vet minimum around $950,000-$975,000.  Those are embarrassing low numbers for a sport that does as much damage to player health as NFL football does.  With high taxes, agent fees the players only net about half their salaries.  The minimum salary should be a million, vet minimum 1.5.  Guaranteed for at least the current year.  Why should they be required to work all winter in organized team workouts, all spring in OTAs, all summer at training camp and exhibition games then get cut and make nothing for that time.  The union has done a horrible job representing the players.  Time to step it up.

    Don’t you have a lot more things to worry about than football players being underpaid.

    I wish I was underpaid like a football player...

  7. 3 hours ago, PoconoDon said:

    Hey jets...Stay the hell away!!

    Joe might be intrigued at the title and presumed authority, but working for that career killing franchise is a BAD, BAD move.

    Leaving for the Jets??? Say it ain't so Joe!

    Belichick thought the same thing and it worked for him. Stay far away from that organization. Who fires a GM less than a month after letting him draft your players and sign free agents?

  8. 1 hour ago, time2rock said:

    If they are claiming they stuck to their board, I might have to question their process of talent evaluation that led to a board where Sanders was ranked ahead of CJG, Adderley, and Thornhill.  :ph34r:

    I think they should have some more flexibility with their board. For instance, if JJ was 30 on their board and Thornhill was say 35, maybe go with Thornhill since Safety is a greater need than WR. 


  9. 47 minutes ago, Don Corleone said:

    He had never played football before and it was understood when the Eagles took him, that he was a project. People like Tucker got the hype train rolling and it never stopped.

    I have a feeling the Eagles will stash Mailata on IR next year. Some strange injury in pre-season...

    They can't carry 5 OT's, can they?

  10. 2 hours ago, BKLYNYG said:

    Curious why you think he's stuck in 1985. You made comments earlier about building the lines, stopping the pass and finding a young QB. That's pretty much exactly what he's done over the past 12 months. You might not like the players that he selected, but forgive me for saying, what the F do you know? Lawrence is a highly touted DT and Baker is a highly touted CB. They also used a 3rd round supplemental draft pick last season to grab CB Sam Beal, who was also highly regarded (he unfortunately got hurt in training camp). They traded an under productive DE (Vernon) for a solid guard and have a bunch of other young guys in the  defensive front 7. 

    I get it, Jones is a questionable pick and we still need another tackle and pass rusher, but by not building around a pain in the butt, oft-injured WR and instead focusing on the trenches and running game I'd say he's actually building the team the right way. Wouldn't you? 

    This is a passing league. Not sure how old you are but in 1985 this league was about running the ball and stopping the run. Not anymore. Barkley is sensational but shouldn't have been the pick last year. All the top rookie QB's last year, even Rosen, are better prospects than Daniel Jones. He was a serious reach. Why take Lawrence, who's a 2-down DT? You need guys that can rush the passer. Wentz and all the other QB's are going to have all day to pass the ball. Can't wait to see that.

    As far as I'm concerned I hope Gettlemen stays there forever. Keep up the great work.


  11. 36 minutes ago, BKLYNYG said:

    Well that was interesting. Personally I would have taken Allen and then paired him with Lawrence at 17. That would have been a great combo. The Giants run a 3-4 and need both pass rushers and space eaters. Lawrence is the best space eater in the draft. The Baker pick is fine. He’s arguable the best cover corner in the draft and fits the Giants scheme perfectly . Not sure what that guy a few posts above is talking about when he says he has no "agility.” Haha 

    At the end of the day Getty is putting his career on the line. He not only reached for Jones, but made a significant financial commitment to him. If Rosen or Haskins turn out to be better pros then it was a mistake and he’ll be on the street. We’ll know who was right in the next 1.5 years or so. 

    Watch Baker play. He's slow, runs in the 4.5-4.60 range. Watch his hips, very stiff, how's he going to turn with a quick NFL WR. Also plays tall at times. On the bright side, he's definitely a ball hawk who can make big plays but he's going to give up a bunch as well.  

    He would fit into a Seattle type defense with taller CB's who can press and tackle but look how those Seattle CB's have faired once they left Seattle.

  12. What a horrible draft for the Giants. Gettleman said he wouldn’t draft for need. Really, so Daniel Jones was a top 10 player on your board?  Then you draft a 340 LB DT who can’t rush the passer. Then you trade picks to move up to draft a slow CB with no agility. 

    Gettleman’s drafting like it’s 1985. Hey Dave, wake up it’s 2019. It’s now a passing league. Good luck running Barkley when you’re down 28-3. 

    In 2019 you need a good QB, guys who can protect the passer, guys who can rush the passer and guys who can cover. Giants are built bass ackwards.