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  1. Michael JP LAUR

    Bill Walsh Coaching Fellowship with EAGLES ..

    An article recently published about my coaching career ! http://www.americanfootballinternational.com/meet-one-legged-quarterbacks-coach-michael-laurent-never-stops-teaching/
  2. Michael JP LAUR

    Bill Walsh Coaching Fellowship with EAGLES ..

    I would like to improve the level of offensive football in all the countries where i work .... that s why i will apply for this internship .
  3. Michael JP LAUR

    The NFL's 100th Season - 2019

    I remember well the 75th anniversary season !!! no doubt the 100 th anniversary season will include awesome events !!
  4. Michael JP LAUR

    Bill Walsh Coaching Fellowship with EAGLES ..

    ;-) I am French, but i clearly love Russia .... and russian women ! our cheerleaders are Beautiful
  5. Hello, i will apply early next year at the Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship. And of course, i will write Eagles at the top of my wish list. Coach Frank Reich is a childhood idol and Eagles offense is no more football but art. I would very thankful if you could give me ideas and informations of your own experiences and feelings watching Eagles camps each august. it would be useful to prepare my application. I am not american, so i must be more motivated and details oriented... I survived cancerS, i coached OL in the Russian National Team ... Managed a camp in Far East Russia !! No doubt i can bring something positive about RESILIENCE. Many thanks in advance !
  6. Michael JP LAUR

    Eagles Fan in Russia

    Football has begun in Soviet union !!! take a look on the History of Football in Russia http://www.americanfootballinternational.com/hockey-pads-to-the-fafr-the-history-of-american-football-in-russia/ One of my friends, Coach Vasily Dobryakov has been guest coach with Philadephia Eagles in 2002. Last year, i worked with Tony "TD" Simmons in the National Russian Team as assistant OL coach. You have seem him on the show American Grit on Fox and he was the HC
  7. Michael JP LAUR

    Eagles Fan in Russia

    I am a Jaguars Fan because i attended the last two years the Jaguars Coaching academy in UK !!!! awesome to learn OL fundamentals from Tony Boselli and I increased a lot my coaching skills about the passing game with Mark Brunell. The main reason i support Eagles is Coach Frank Reich. He was one of my idol, as a player, in my teenage years, and did a tremendous job as a coach. "Frank reich" means French also in german language ;-) I coach QB and OL in Russia, sometimes Special teams.
  8. Michael JP LAUR

    Eagles Fan in Russia

    Hello, I am a rookie on this forum !! I am a 41 years old french. I coach football in Russia for 3 years (Yaroslavl, Vladivostok, Yakustk and also in the national team) .... Eagles and NFL have a lot of fan in Russia. That s the main website there. http://firstandgoal.ru/ the main social network in vk.com a good tool for people in Philly who learn russian language Michael