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  1. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    well this went down a rabbit hole.
  2. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    guess you didn't see any of the game last week. Houston looked like dog crap against the jets. Jets took away the running game and Houston looked bad. real bad. 1-9 on 3rd downs. Jets dominated in the possession category too. and O ya, the colts went into Houston and dominated them. the last 2 games the Texans are 5 for 25 on 3rd downs. I also believe Lamar Miller is hurt right now too
  3. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    is that sarcasm?
  4. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    you mean like how people predict a 17 week win/loss schedule every year? how people predict the superbowl champions in the beginning of the year. How theres no less then a dozen articles locally predicting the 53 man roster months out? How about a mock draft that still 5 months away. But yes, having a prediction for something that will be announced 6 days from now is totally obnoxious and unheard of.
  5. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    id be more then ok with that. My week 16 predictions have Eagles winning / Skins losing / Vikings I truly think are gonna have a tough game.
  6. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    Also, it looks like they have a right not to flex any game...(doubt it)
  7. Bacarty2

    Predict week 17 flex game

    Was thinking about this in the other thread and how it will effect the Eagles. Hypothetically, lets say everything goes accordingly and it comes to week 17, the time of the games will effect the the Eagles directly. Ex - If the bears/Vikings get flexed, the bears will know before kick off if they have a chance at the 2 seed, or they can sit there starters. - Maybe they go Carolina/Saints if Carolina wins week 16? - looks like Tennessee vs Indy would be a win and your in game. But we(eagles fans) cant have the bears game flexed.
  8. Bacarty2

    Aaron Rodgers and the 2005 Draft

    some notable 2006 starting quarterbacks…. Chad Pennington Mark Brunell in washington Matt Leinhart T. Rattay Kitna
  9. 2 things... It's bigger then Bill and Tommy, and it's the AFC East. Robert Kraft runs circles around Ross(dolphins) Pegula Family(Bills) and Woody Johnson. That there is enough to let you know the Patriots aren't going any where. I didn't like the comparison at the time but when someone said Eagles ownership I kinda Agree. Redskins don't scare me until Daniel Snyder dies or sells, and same thing with the Jerra.
  10. Bacarty2

    Tampa Bay Tickets

    some people enjoy football but have a favorite team located across the country. Some people have a wife whos a fan of one team even though they are a fan of another. I can go on and on. crap I know a guy who lives in Marlton but he's a dolphins season ticket holder. But, what I was thinking is that you have these travel packages that the brokers buy tickets in bulk, i.e. a discount.
  11. Bacarty2

    Tampa Bay Tickets

    link didn't work
  12. Bacarty2

    Tampa Bay Tickets

    I know there is a forum for this but it's been quiet over there. Anyways I'm headed down with the misses. Was wondering if any had group ticket packages that they are getting rid of, or any members that may be season ticket holders down there.
  13. Bacarty2

    Road trip to Tampa

    Anyone have any connections with tickets? season holders or bulk buyers? Im headed down with the lady friend for my birthday
  14. Too lazy to look... Miami Owns the Patriots in South Florida.... but couldn't win in New England to save there lives