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  1. Bacarty2

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    I'm sure theres a bet out there for the patriots not making it, you should throw a 20 spot on it. Why not. probably get good odds. It's insane to think 5,6,7 teams that made the playoffs last year wont make it
  2. Theres been at least 5 new playoff teams to make the playoffs who didn't the previous year in 21 out of the last 23 years. 7 new teams last year. Cowboys, Colts, chargers, ravens, Texans, seahawks and bears. There were 8 in 2017.... So I ask, Which 5 "new teams" are in... and which 5 are out..... 1) Texans Out / Browns in 2) Steelers In / Ravens out 3) Cowboys out / Packers in 4) Seahawks out / Falcons In 5) Chargers out / Jaguars In. Saw it on ESPN, and it's hard.
  3. Bacarty2

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    I do. They changed their offense to a power run game and brought in college coaches as advisors to run the Wing T and flex bone google power running and ravens. tons of articles lol. They may run the ball 40-45 times NO THANKS
  4. Bacarty2

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    Ive never disagreed with a statement more than this one. They're bringing in special advisors to teach the wing T and flexbone offense. We may see 45-50 runs a game out of them. Lamar Jackson is RG3 2.0. Either needs a wide open 8 yard pass where the receiver got open from trickery and play action or its not a completed pass. NO THANKS
  5. Bacarty2

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    Trust me, theres a ton of games like that. Usually a Ravens game at 1pm vs someone poopy. No other options, throw it on while I do house stuff or get ready for the birds game at 4. All those years before red zone and the nfl package give me PTSD. Remember only having a bad jets team or a bad redskins team playing someone equally as bad at 1pm while blocking everything else cause the eagles on at 4
  6. Bacarty2

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    Thankfully my other half's family understands, and actually is used to it. Her brother is a high school football coach so he plays his rival game the night before, and he and his dad just sit, get waited on, and watch football all day. I did it before I met them, it just made the transition easier. With that being said, I usually cook for 10-14 people every Christmas eve. 4th of July is coming up and I'll be up at 3am to fire up my smoker and i'll basically man the grills from noon till 7ish. (getting handed beers of course). New years day... this guy again, smoking corned beef and cabbage. Theres a ton more im missing so the families know, I'll probably show up early to the party so I can watch the game from the beginning and don't expect much out of me on thanksgiving
  7. Bacarty2

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    O, trust me theres a lot more bad games then good games. Bills jets happens twice a year. anyone who the Ravens play this year. But theres still usually a game a week, outside the eagles where I say, ok this games gonna be exciting. or this game is gonna have some hard hits.
  8. Saints vs rams - week 2. Obviously. Chiefs Patriots week 14. Gotta assume home field relies on this game Tennessee at Jags Thursday night week 3. Foles should be settled in, and I know its against the rules on this site but I want to see Foles with the AFC trash.. I mean Afc south. Browns vs steelers Thursday night. Lord knows what each team is gonna look like but man that seems like a fun Thursday night game 5) Thanksgiving. it doesn't matter who, or why, but I plop my fat a** down for the kickoff of the first game and don't move till the final whistle of the last game. An unspoken bond I have with my family that I cook, clean, smoke, every holiday and enjoy it EXCEPT thanksgiving. That's my day. Honerable mention... week 1, game 1, bears vs packers. First game of the year, good inter division matchup. Could be a telling game for both teams.
  9. Bacarty2

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    5-11 probably 6-10 this year 4-5 and 10 ish the following year(Daniel jones first year) Barkley needs to get paid and will F the salary cap up the following year. I said before... Barkley wont win a playoff game. Give the giants 6, 34, 37, 49(2018) and 6, 34, 37(before the trade) in 2019 over barkley every day of the week. Mind you Gettleman would probably F it up but the giants were in... our in a rebuild, meaning they need spots every where. They wernt in a "last piece" and we become a superbowl team position.
  10. Bacarty2

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    1) Next year is supposed to be a huge QB draft so I expect the top 5 to be moving and shaking. Lot of teams going to either S or get off the pot in purgatory. Tampa and cinncy come to mind right away. 2) I also agree everything is situational.
  11. Bacarty2

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    Ya I looked the other day, with that being said I think I'd rather have my 4 year old make the picks for the browns over some of their past general managers. Like I mentioned before, the dolphins, cardinals and even the redskins are all on pace to be a top 5 pick next year while already having the "franchise" QB in place(or so they think) So if your those teams, do you stick in the top 5 and get 1 player of do you trade down get a couple first(this and next year) and maybe a couple 2's to try to make the whole team better. Like I said, when I saw the Giants...supposedly... had a chance to trade back and grab all those picks but went with 1 player(a running back none the less) made me very happy knowing theyre in the eagles division.
  12. Bacarty2

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    Guess you missed where I said, sure shot franchise quarterback.
  13. Bacarty2

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    I agree for the most part. The Julio trade comes to mind when I think the falcons sent 5 picks to browns to get to #5 to take JJ. Then you have the Sequon deal, and of course like mentioned above. Someone like the Cardinals who have/had the QB and could of put a ton of weapons around Rosen. Probably the Dolphins next year. Miami should be top 5. Rosen is gonna be there next year so every thing tells the dolphins to get a huge haul and get out of the top 5 and setup your team for years to come lol O NOSE. Even if Darnold is the real deal, I understand why the passed on him. Passing on all those picks when the team sucks at most positions is just terrible.
  14. Bacarty2

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    Bar debate with the fella's at happy hour... *IF* there isn't a top, no doubt about it QB in the top 3, or even top 5, everything shows you to trade out and collect the haul. Rams success(outside of coaching) was built on the haul they received from the RG3 trade. Even the Eagles gave the Browns a haul and they look to be finally reaping the benefits. Then we have the Giants/Colts & jets trade. When supposively the Giants wanted Barkley that bad that they passed on the jets Deal, So the colts took it and set themselves up for a nice future and I still feel that the Giants could be out of rebuilding mode if they took that trade and didn't take Barkley. Am I off by thinking this? I feel like if I'm rebuilding Top 5 pick, every thing I screams take the haul. Barkley is one of the best RB's in the league but sheesh, give me #6, 37, 49 Then #34 the following year (plus the colts normal picks) over Barkley every day of the week.
  15. For the haul you get for trading out of the top 5 picks, and looking over that list, it sure looks like trading out is the best option.