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  1. I'm seriously thinking of going as well. Good thing is we have lots of time to plan for this. Have they released the exact date in October ye? Last I heard it was most likely the 21st but I didn't hear definitively. It would be nice to take a whole week and enjoy the history and local attractions of London
  2. chuckintx

    Eagles @ Rams

    I will be there. Sec 21 L , Flying in from Houston Saturday afternoon. Did the same thing for the Chargers game. It was crazy with Eagle green everywhere. I try to do at least one game a year and it's usually in Dallas, unless the Texans play the Eagles here then it will be that one. This year I just figured I'd check out LA and see if it could be somewhat affordable. and it was. Turns out I kind of like LA so I booked the next trip as soon as I got back from the Chargers game. We're gonna have to check out the pier tailgate.
  3. chuckintx

    Eli HOFer?

    2 SBs, 2 SB MVP's and longevity/dependability in his career. And he beat the Pats twice. I don't know, that's pretty stout stuff regardless of how he played at other times. The longer it goes the less he will be remembered for the poor play. He had some bad years but I don't think that will keep him out, in fact they will look for reasons outside of Eli's play to perhaps mitigate some of that, you know like injuries, poor O-line play and such. Some of that is true and some is not but the SB's and the MVPs those are real and he was clutch in those games. As much as I don't care for him because he's not an Eagle I give him his due on that. Every writer from Miami who has a vote will vote him in. Maybe he won't be a first ballot guy but then again compared to Kurt Warner who won 1 SB , appeared in 2, and was a SB MVP ... maybe he would. Warner didn;'t play nearly as long at least in the NFL and didn't have great years every year he played. I don't know what the overall stats are but Eli would probably compare most to Warner I think or maybe even Favre in many regards. That's just of the top of my head but I think you can find justification based on others.