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  1. schugeorge1967

    Many "reaches"?

    Is it me or were there A LOT of reaches this year? I keep looking at the top 40 or so picks and seeing a lot of players picked ahead of were they should have been considering the players passed up to grab them. I'll start at #4. No way anyone can convince me that Ward is the BPA. You have Chubb, Fitzpatrick, James, and Nelson...and they take Ward? A fine player, but not #4 nor better player at a position that doesn't have the same impact as DE or IMO, safety unless your name is Deion Sanders. Kolton Miller at #15? Sorry, but when I see Tremain Edmunds and James sitting there I'm taking them even if tackle is a little more pressing. If Miller were projected to be a career pro bowl caliber player i'd say go for it, but he has to many holes to pass on either Edmunds or James...or any number of much better prospects. Is Ragnow better than Price or Daniels (especially at #20) How the heck do Josh Jackson and Isaiah Oliver go so late? Lot's of REACHES, that's how. Anyone have opinions on this? Or on my opinion?
  2. schugeorge1967

    Rams gonna be tough...

    UK_EaglesFan89, I'm not terrified either, especially if our O-Line can remain healthy. In fact, I feel confident that our line can match up, and dominate any front 4. After the way we handled perhaps the best front (Vikings) in football in the playoffs I absolutely believe we have the best o-line in the league. Suh, is a great addition though, and if he plays like he has in the past the Rams' front will be scary. Just as ours is now. Adding Ngata was a brilliant move by Roseman. Lets just hope this Bennett thing blows over and that there is no truth to the severity of it as the Houston PD makes it sound.
  3. schugeorge1967

    Rams gonna be tough...

    If they end up adding Suh it could could make for a very interesting NFC race. Along with what Minnesota has done I see this being a three-team race which anyone of us could win... of course let's not forget about New Orleans. I do still believe that if everyone is healthy that we still have the better team top to bottom.