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  1. Oh that’s a shame. I would think they would at least consider it since we’ve never hosted one.
  2. If you’re a season ticket holder: 1. If the SuperBowl is in Philly and the Eagles are NOT in it, do you have the right to purchase SuperBowl tickets at face value? 2. If the SuperBowl is in Philly and the Eagles are in it, do you have the right to purchase SuperBowl tickets at face value? If you own a luxury suite, I think you do have the right to purchase SuperBowl tickets at face value and then resell them for $200,000-$700,000 or however much they go for.
  3. So I’ve always enjoyed watching the games with friends but for the first time I decided to go the Linc this past season (2018). It was the Vikings game, first row right on 50 yard line....big mistake. Got there about 2 hours early, the traffic wasn’t bad but unfortunately it’s impossible to get parking. So the walk was around 1/4th of a mile or even more. Normally, I love to exercise and jog/walk/hikelong distance but I recently had knee surgery due to a sports related injury. Same surgeon as Carson Wentz, Dr. Bradley - head orthopedic surgeon of the Pittsburgh Steelers - awesome doctor, who would talk about anything (I can’t say what else because I don’t want to get him in trouble). So I was in a brace and walked that 1/4 mile...in retrospect I should’ve just called an Uber to the stadium from the parking. The tailgates were awesome, interesting people had a lot of fun. Also, some live music and great food, although I only had a little. Inside the stadium area, they had an on-air Eagles show going on. The official Eagles shop was very nice too. When I got to my seat, of course with my luck, there was a Vikings fan sitting to my left and a Vikings fan to my right. Although both of them were pretty cool. One was traveling to every single Vikings game this season (bucket list). He said he normally would get tickets in the higher up sections but was afraid to go to them in this stadium as a Vikings fan 😂. The seats were the worst. I assumed that being closest to the field at the 50 yard line was the best way to go, however with that viewing angle it’s so hard to see what’s going on. I had to constantly look at the big screens on the left and right side of the field. Next time, I’m going with the club seats. I remember that game itself being infuriating, barely being able to get a single first down. Leaving the stadium is the worst headache. My god, it took 45 minutes to get out of the parking area. My advice: take the train or get an Uber. If the train works out well and I don’t have to deal with transportation I’ll definitely go to more games. Overall, very fun. We are gonna take a tour of the stadium this Spring.
  4. ‘Yep this past season. And when do the Eagles get one? We are the Super Bowl champs.
  5. Draft is Thursday, All or Nothing starts this Friday. One thing I'm already surprised about is Jason Garrett. Every time their offense fumbles, has an interception or misses a field goal, I see this guy on the sidelines clapping. Surprisingly though, some articles came out from people who had early access, saying that Garrett drops more F bombs than most coaches. Should be fun to watch.
  6. OzzyX

    Dez to be released

    If the Cowboys lose one player, their entire season is over. Tyron Smith out, Dak gets sacked 8 times in one game. Sean Lee goes out, defense gets scored on 30 points. Zeke goes out offense averages 10 points a game. That team is broken from top to bottom and it starts with Garrett, the worst coach in the NFL. And regarding Dez...when they showed the Cowboys games on TV it seemed like he was getting shut down even in single coverage..he's definitely not worth that 10-13 million a year salary...more like 5 million. 
  7. I remember watching a youtube video that showed Romo in practice, wearing a helmet cam, and the experience was amazing. It showed the game from a totally new perspective...and a lot more intense. Its 2018 and we’re left with the same stale sideview camera every game. At least give us the option to choose. Imagine tuning into a game and being able to choose the camera view you want, from a safety on defense to a QB on offense. This would make watching the game so much more enjoyable. I do believe the sideview shows the most players/content, so if you want to return to this POV, the option would still be there. NFL Star Cam I will send this suggestion to the NFL but it will most likely be ignored. They might have even thought about this already. ?‍♂️
  8. OzzyX

    Dak Prescott caught smoking a blunt

    So even in states where marijuana is legal, those players (residing there) still cannot test positive for it in testing, correct?
  9. Great point..and major salary cap mismanagement (ie Dez Bryant). Any average cornerback shuts him down these days.
  10. A big gap! Doug Pederson is on a totally different level than Jason Garrett. And I think there might even be a big gap between the two quarterbacks as well...it seems difficult for Dak Prescott to maintain the level of play he did his rookie year, but we'll see.
  11. "Well, Philadelphia had been trying to win a Super Bowl the 30 years I'd been in the NFL and got it this year. Not two [years]," Jones said recently, via ESPN's Todd Archer. "So, they've been trying a long time to win a Super Bowl and other teams have, too. So, it wasn't just a two-year run for them to go to the Super Bowl." The salty seasoning sprinkled on Jones' response displays just how much Philly winning the Super Bowl rankled the Cowboys. Jones was asked about closing the gap in the NFC East, but the Dallas owner doesn't see much of a difference between squads. "I think that if the gap is defined as them winning the Super Bowl and [us] not even getting in the playoffs, then we've got to close the gap," Jones said. "I think that we should've been in the playoffs. We weren't. But I don't believe that us not being in the playoffs this past year is the size of the gap." "I'd like to think that Philly closed the deal of where we had an opportunity to do it the year before." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000924770/article/jerry-jones-no-big-gap-between-cowboys-eagles
  12. And we play them next season, can't wait.