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  1. Also this weekend is the London Oktoberfest at the Olympic Park and the London Comic Con
  2. There are pubs pretty much everywhere, you don't really need to choose one, especially if you're more central. For any Harry Potter fans, there's the Warner Brothers studio tour (plus the trolley at King's Cross Platform 93/4) West End shows Hampton Court Palace is a bit further out but the home of Henry VIII (if anyone does go, let me know, my mate works there so might be able to sort out a behind the scenes look) There are loads of rooftop bars, you don't need to go to the famous ones necessarily You can walk across the O2 arena I work in construction, on a tower in East London, I'm not supposed to but could let a couple of people onto site to see the view across town You can go swimming in the aquatics centre in Stratford where the Olympics was held in 2012 Go for some cockney pie and mash (with liqour and jellied eels) Plus you've got all the stuff that I'm sure you've all heard of (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower Bridge etc), I'm trying to think of things off the beaten track a little bit
  3. I'd be interested in meeting up with some Eagles fans, before/after the game or at another point over the weekend
  4. Hi, I wasn't one of the fortunate people able to get their hands on a ticket, but would be up for watching the game in a bar. Anyone interested in joining me?
  5. Eagles Jags confirmed for October 28th
  6. Sparks223

    Next year in London

    It's confirmed for October 28th
  7. Sparks223

    Next year in London

    First time posting for me, just joined the forum but I've been following the Eagles for a few years now. I'll definitely be looking to go to the Eagles game in London and would be up for a few drinks over the weekend too!