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  1. Yigglez

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    Khalil Mack has this much impact as a DE: Chicago is now a wildcard contender. By attrition, if the Vikes can’t take care of the QB, the Bears may go NFC-WC and play either LA or NO W18. That depends on Truby. But Mack will make it possible for Truby to play them into the hunt. That puts a lot more pressure on Truby to earn the franchise ticket. The VIkings clown-car OL cannot keep Cousins clean, let alone protect a QB from the monsters coming his way. Cousins is probably hung out by W5, Trevor Siemian is probably done W11, and Kyle Sloter will try to survive to W16. Looking at the whole season, Khalil Mack and da Bears are going to have a go at Wilson W2 (no OL needed), Sadford W3(weak OL), Brownbeard Fitzpatrick W4, then Tannehill W6(well-guarded), Tom Brady W7,(damn, that LT/LG side is weak now), Sam Darnold W8, Josh Allen W9(weak OL), Stafford W10 &12, Kirk Vikey W11(weak OL), Eli W13(weak OL), Jared Goof W14, A Rodgers againW15(weak OL?), Jimmy G W16, and Minnesota QB3-4 W17(weak OL). Not a stretch to say Mack the Bear is crossing some franchises’ paths this year. You can’t even use JAG players to double-team him. If you dare, you can trap him, ride him down by the stern, and just run away from him on the way to the play. Teams better lock up their china and rely on the run and bootleg pass game on Bears week.
  2. Yigglez

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

  3. Yigglez

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Predicting what is to come, based on 1 PS game. Just don't implicate later for what is said in the spirit of fun now.
  4. Yigglez

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Greetings, and Dilly Dilly! From the Oracle of South-Delphi, a fanciful foretelling of the surreal 2018 season: Eagles-Falcons game: D-Birds OL can’t protect Ryan, Freeman/Coleman run and screen game cracked by Eagles’ D-Front and HardNickel. Eagles WR’s and TE’s make plays. First new offensive scheme gets a try, and we learn from it. Elliot misses an XPT. Eagles DB’s win the game 4 us, picking off Ryan, because Eagles DL keeps squeezing the ball out early from Ryan under relentless pressure. Eagles-Bucs game, we let Sudfeld finish, and put most of our 2’s and some 3’s out there. Vinny Curry is so very hard to see again, Eagles fans actually cry. Fitzpatrick is tougher than C-Mac! Might be part wolverine. 5 Interceptions not even his worst day out. Once threw 6 in a day as a Jet. Survived a day as a chew-toy, finished the season to hand over to Blak Dak, the new Buccaneer QB. Eagles-Colts game we give some 2’s the start, and we sub in Sudfeld late in the 3rd. In a gesture, both teams play uncharacteristically ‘nice’. Luck not lucky. Eagles DB’s are ridiculous against Colts passing game. Bradham can finally catch footballs. Elliot misses his last XPT of the season. Eagles-Titans game We gameplan well for the zone and play-action playground of Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota. Their staple offense gets bottled up by midgame, after which point our coverage eats their desperation alive. We put up a 50-burger on the Titans. Vrabel wants a new Defense. Eagles-Vikings game we go to the wire in a close game, both DL’s tough, both DB corps tight. What goes as a defensive battle breaks open on Eagles Special Teams, Kamu!!! Behind in the score, a then desperate Cousins throws it right to us. It becomes a Cousins rout. Our OL finally gets our running game home late in the game. We do the ‘Sproles’ chant. The Vikings become assassins of other teams after this game. The New Ugly. The Purple Career-Eaters. Chuck Bednarik’s bust is stolen from US Bank stadium during the Christmas holidays, some Eagles fans are indicted for it. They call it a rescue operation worth da stretch. Defiantly they hold out on the return of the bust ‘Until the Vikings live up to it and stop targeting players.’ They sit out the remainder of the season behind bars, frequently paid visits by delivery vans from Corleone’s Italian Bistro. Eagles-Giants games: The rushing contest Saquon Barkley-vs-Darren Sproles/Jay Ajayi/Corey Clement/JAMJ. Eagles TE’s and zone schemes eat up the Giants defense. Giants new OL gets Barkley home, but Graham and Long get to Eli, and Eagles D scores points. Giants try the RPO, and newly mint the RSO, the run-sack option. Giants Pride somehow survives the Eagles, but not the Vikings. 2 tough games, both good tests. Eagles-Panthers: We put Cam Newton on IR, rack up 280yds rushing, and become the next-most penalized team in the league for one game, next to Carolina. Sproles 4 TD’s are thought to be his season high water mark – until the Rams game. Sproles key contributions to every close game and his postseason plays are more important and more meaningful to the tale of 2018, but the Panthers game is iconic, and is still the most talked about by fantasy league junkies. Eagles-Jaguars is like a SuperBowl game. We go to war. We win that war, messing up the Jags British bromance a little bit. Ajayi is wrapped in the flag, Eagles fans rep strong enough to teach the world to sing. This game is the first test of our 13-14-22 schemes to break the Jags coverage. Eagles forensic Gameplanning and Playcalling win the day. Next Men Up are many. "Eagles Invade London” London Times. This close game Foreshadows SB53 for the rest of the year. Bortles regresses a bit. He chokes in SB53 in part due to the hype that never left him since this game. Eagles-Cowboys games OL run game and QB protection contest, Ezek –vs- S/A/C/A. Dallas OL tries to zone run like the Eagles, and the Eagles employ their new zone rush defense downfield. Cowboys RPO’s to Beasley are very good. Eagles adjustments confuse Dak, who has "The Dak Attack” that gets him traded to TB the next year. Cowboys visibly demoralized –again- thus, Jason Garrett never gets them back. Wentz breaks Foles 7TD Record in the 2nd Cowboys game, throwing for 8 TD’s in 3 quarters, running for 1 more, Eagles put up 79 points, a new NFL record. Jerry Jones is hospitalized with unspecified problems ‘as a precaution’. Eagles-Saints game is a Wentz -vs- Brees and DB’s -vs- WR’s showdown. Another playoff game, a pre-NFCCG showdown. Physical, Tough, like the Carolina game of ’17. Turnovers decide, and the Eagles are decidedly on top. By game’s end, the demoralized Saints have found Jesus, and he wears number 11. Kamara shaves his head. Marshawn Lattimore plays lights out, keeps the score much closer than it might have been. Eagles-Redskins we put in Sudfeld in during the 2nd Qtr. Now playing with a Starter’s gameday confidence, Sudfeld rocks the ‘Skins. Already giving our vets games off, our rotating depth is like having two teams to play out the season with. Alex Smith has 2 TD’s, 1 INT,3FF in 2 losses. Eagles-Rams game is another Playoff game, Wentz-vs-Goff quick pass game, Gurley-vs-SACA, WR/TE-vs-DB’s. Our TE’s and our DB’s win this game for us, but Sproles is forever remembered for this game. The feared Donald-Suh beast is trapped and teased into a fury. LA’s Platinum All-World Cornerbacks cannot block The Eagles Lean Green Zone Blocking Machine, Talib hates Sproles, is ejected for it. Goff was relaxed all day when he wasn’t on the ground. Todd Gurley is the best RB playing football. Eagles-Texans game , Playing against what’s left of the Texans after 13 weeks of injuries, this game is still grueling and in places very competitive, and we are willing to give it a close shave to rest our vets. Foles finishes, leading our 2’s and a few 1’s to a comeback win. Almanac Weather. Foles makes everyone feel happy on the holidays. Eagles-Redskins Sudfeld starts, Callahan finishes. Score is meaningless. Mailata plays, and plays well. He makes a snow angel next to an exhausted Ryan Kerrigan. Mailata fans always remember this day. Eagles Regular Season: 15-1 Divisional Eagles-Rams 29-16 NFCCG Eagles-Saints 44-24 SB53 Eagles-Jaguars 58-18. Wentz goes to Disney World. Foles goes to Foxborough. Sudfeld goes to the Colts and the 2020 Pro Bowl. Eagles draft a new #2QB in the first round, and sign another one as an UDFA in 2019. 2019, Deion Jones signs with Eagles in FA on a 1 year 1mil deal. Kaep is offered the backup job for the vet min. His activist girlfriend refuses the offer. Kaep dumps his once girlfriend and takes the offer, including a quiet understanding he will stand for the national anthem. Which he does. Kaep will even get to start a game late season, but he is there to be a fearless backup. Which he is. Khalil Mack comes to the Eagles on a 1Yr-2Mil deal. Earl Thomas signs a surprise 1Yr deal and spends the whole year on the bench. Eagles just keep winning and people believe in success again. Too good to pass up. Must-see TV. Wentzylmania. What is Faith and Why is it Fearlessness Defined? How is that the trick to winning? How does that happen? Eagles Nation becomes a ministry of Sundays, with the occasional Monday Night. Huge following. They are a cult of worship around the personalities of the team. Americans fairly trample their new fixation of interest, in truest American Ugly form. This even gets noticed. Prince Kelby is released from pill confinement, and is baptized by Wentz in the Schuylkill at Fairmount Park on the 4th of July, which is a Sunday. Eagles Nation marches 1 million fans to the White House to demand the Helmet Rule be removed by Presidential Order as a matter of National Security. Or Did I Just Dream All This...? ?
  5. Yigglez

    Who is your favorite Rookie for 2018?

    Isaiah Oliver will play us week 1. I think he will be in contention for ROY. I am faving this guy, though: Philly D. Goedert may have a big year. Eagles are too stacked to give him enough targets to put him over the top - good problem for the team to have - and yet, he still may catch enough, YAC enough, and score enough, with enough national attention paid, he has an edge-on shot.
  6. Yigglez

    Building a roster

    Dave, You latest, 'examinig eagles roster success' and Jimmy Kempski's latest 'eagles found another unexploited business opportunity' complete with Brett Kollman's latest video reel, 'The Eagles are changing how NFL rosters are built' have given me pause. I love everything we're doing. People who do great things deserve the recognition for it. As the world starts to pay attention the the PE organization's phenomenal success, we are amidst the building of a genuine Dynasty. Maybe we need to start seeing this the way Bill Bellicheck did when he built one in New England...at least a little bit...maybe there are things we do so much better than our 31 rivals, it represents a competitive advantage, and maybe we need to keep some of it out of the spotlight to get our money's worth out of all we have done and are doing. I'm a Newbie, don't have any pro sports credentials, and I feel very uncomfortable coming to you with this view, being critical, of any of you - you're great! - But in my line of work, when I get that queasy feeling something is being endangered by its own success, I act decisively now and apologize later if I'm wrong, which isn't often. Nutshell: this recent media exposure tripped my alarms, and my 'act decisively' is this reach out to you and the guys at NovaCare. A Dynasty. Maybe we never saw it happening this fast, but we are here already, and as the Pats learned all-too-quickly, the Dynasty has its own weird gravity, and scrutiny out of all proportion to the actual substance is soon to follow. We need to give some thought to keeping the secrets to our success secret. That is NOT who the Philly Eagles organization are. I'll be the first to exclaim ' That's Right!' when someone frim within the organization finds the right way to say as much, to explain that the players, the coaches, the entire staff are an open book, there's no gimmick, the brotherhood is genuine, the buy-in and ownership of the plan is unanimous, so on and so forth - because it is! We are truly the best club in the NFL now. Top to bottom, organization-wide. That's why new arrivals just start smiling like the 'Burger King' mascot, speechlessly happy until prompted to say why. NOT what we do, but now maybe it needs to be looked at through the lessons-learned lens of what the other sports dynasties have been through, and find the ones that apply. Being tight-lipped IS who the Pats are. But how they got that way is a thought-provoking story... Please feel me in a positive vibe. If any of this irked you, I would take it back, and find a way to say it better. Lastly, thanks. For the board, for the reporting, for being a keeper-of-real for years and years. There is literally no person in the Eagles organization I doubt or can't appreciate. Just my Newbie 2-cents from a guy who protects people's secrets for a living.
  7. Wow, how'd I miss that ? Guess I better read about something besides the Eagles. Boring, but perhaps necessary...
  8. This is probably Bellicheck's final season, and Brady's. The Pokes are looking at a 7-9 finish, and Garrett is probably going to LA. (Chargers OC) Tomlinson is probably going to get axed after the Steelers finish 9-7. The smart Harbaugh is probably done in Baltimore this year. May go to Cleveland... Bruce Arians is facing a prove-it season, depending on how he plays his Cards. Marvin Lewis may indeed get fired this year, but Vance Joseph will fill his duties as vampire from here out.
  9. Yigglez

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    This had my attention last year, too. Eagles have their work cut out for them, facing 7 playoff teams in the reg season schedule with strong passing games. Better CB's and better LB's competing for roster spots this year - but - this is still the perceived weakness opponents will target. NYG are the Eagles only real rival in the Div, and Barkley's run attack will keep the Giants passing game alive. They will be very hard to get off the field this year. Of the Worst-2-First hopefuls, Jets 5-11 --> 6-10 this yearBrowns 0-16 --> 4-12 Texans 4-12 --> 11-5 if Watson stays healthyBroncos 5-11 --> 9-7Giants 3-13 -->10-6 with a great O and a below-par DBears 5-11 --> 8-8 Bucs 5-11 --> 7-9Niners 6-10 --> 10-6, maybe 11-5, depends in D performance Think the Jags will slip to 11-5? I doubt that. Think the Rams will finish weak? Me too. Think the AFC West is up for grabs? Chiefs will grab it. Think the Eagles won't repeat? They will. Worst to First is a daydream this year.
  10. Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas, Kamu Grugier-Hill, Halapoulivaati Vaitai, Jake Elliot.
  11. Yigglez

    Rams gonna be tough...

    Suh and Donald inside is gonna be tough, but Our offensive traps and pulls put plenty of star DT's to shame this past year. Stoutland has these guys delivering, and Vee has gained a step. With another O-line draftee, we will have the full rotation relief we will need, keeping the OL fresher, less likely to get injured. Philly has strength in numbers the Rams just don't have. Look at their saggy 4th qtr stats. No depth. Gassed. Even with their new collection of problem children, the Rams just aren't there yet. Our real opponent are the Vikings with Cousins, Cook, and whatever John deFillipo is serving up in their game plan. The Rams are one star player injury away from a mediocre season. Philly can weather half a dozen and still dominate at the championship level.