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    Rumor: Cowboys working on Jason Garrett extension

    No one else wants to be Jerry's assistant.
  2. I recall a Pats-Dolphins game at Foxborough in December of 2003 that was played during a snowstorm. ESPN showed Jay Fielder getting pelted with snowballs during a huddle in his own endzone and ran the lead "fun in the snow" on sports center. I really don't care about the double standard. It's actually better that their fanbase isn't portrayed as being as passionate as ours, because those people were more interested in high school ice hockey than the NFL until January of 2002.
  3. Thunderfarts

    OBJ is the biggest loser I've ever had to to root for...

    Foles wouldn't cost what they pay Eli, allowing you to add a piece or two where you've got holes like the O-Line. Barkley, OBJ and Foles could be quite scary.
  4. Thunderfarts

    OBJ is the biggest loser I've ever had to to root for...

    He wants to know who his teammates are when the heat's on. He doesn't have a wife and kids and he wants his team mates to show him some heart. And then there's the hair. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  5. Thunderfarts

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Eli won two superbowls against tom brady, of course he belongs in there.
  6. I wonder if you'd be better off signing a qb next year than drafting one. With OBJ and Barkley, you need a step up from what Eli is currently giving you, but not necessarily someone as good as Carson.
  7. Thunderfarts

    Is it time for Fox and CBS to have doubleheaders each week?

    I like your idea. Ratings are down, but they want you to pay extra to watch games and the redzone. History suggests that the more games that are broadcast free to people, the more fans are created, but these guys are so short sighted and greedy...
  8. Thunderfarts

    Is it time for Fox and CBS to have doubleheaders each week?

    I saw some stat that showed nationally televised games in which the cowboys lose get the highest ratings in the nfl.
  9. Thunderfarts

    Eli Manning

    2011 was Eli's best season. I ate tons of crow for what he did that year and I'll never, ever call him sheli again. The Giants are a funny team, consistent mediocrity punctuated by Superbowl runs. Eli's historically good when they run the ball well...
  10. If the union ever wants to get anywhere, they've got to make breaking the hard cap their goal. They're never going to make this game safe. Attempts to do so are ruining the game with ridiculous penalties that are unevenly enforced. If the players want more compensation for the physical punishment they're going to take playing this sport, then they need to stop competing against each other for a limited pot of money and stick together during any lockout or strike.
  11. Thunderfarts

    The Seahawks wanted two picks for Earl Thomas...

    I heard the Chiefs are talking about a trade for him as well. Will Andy screw Dallas?
  12. Thunderfarts

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Where to begin with that team? I think you're right to point the biggest finger at the OL, but Linehan's system isn't looking too good and there's not much chemistry between Dak and the new receiving corps. He's played bad, and I do think Carson's way better, but I don't think Dak's finished. The problem is Dallas as an organization. May Jerry Jones live a thousand years.
  13. Thunderfarts

    Dak vs. Wentz

    So's OBJ...
  14. Thunderfarts

    Kaepernick still no job

    I think Nike was always factoring in free advertisement on social media from the controversy as part of its marketing strategy.
  15. Thunderfarts

    Kaepernick still no job

    I have no problem with what Kaepernick did, but does he really want to play? If he was dying to get on the field, he could've gone up to Canada and broke every record they have and won a championship. People would be screaming for him to be signed on their team across the league. He's getting paid to virtue signal now. Why bother with injuries and CTE?
  16. Thunderfarts


    Dude, be a homer! Gonzalez had better stats, but what did he ever do in the post season? Bavaro won two rings for the Giants! I'd pick Novacek over both of them though. I can't tell you how many times time I saw Emmitt stopped on first down and Irvin shut down on second only to see Aikman find Novacek wide open to convert on 3rd and long - especially late in close games. 3 rings. The Cowboys fell apart after he got hurt and haven't recovered.
  17. Thunderfarts

    Stephen Jones on Aikman's criticism

    It was unbearable to watch. Every time he watched a replay of a Prescott incompletion, he was like "there's contact." He used to mask his understandable bias by praising everyone on both teams, but he was being a real whiner about the refs not jobbing the Panthers at home on opening day.
  18. Thunderfarts

    Stephen Jones on Aikman's criticism

    Who would replace them? What self-respecting coach would put up with Jerry's endless meddling? Carrot Top is there until Jones dies and, as an Eagles fan, I hope Jerry lives forever.