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  1. Fireeagle27

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    We all remember how well that one worked out. Cooper would be a nice addition, but I certainly wouldn't spend a ton of house money on him. We need to hit big on a college WR like we did with DJax. That has been tough for the Eagles management and scouts to get done.
  2. Another cowboy in trouble with the law. They should change their uniform colors from silver and blue to black and white stripes
  3. Bench Alligator arms or PUP him for the roster spot, dump hollins into the practice squad and bring up the two wide receivers. Can it make it any worse? I've been watching the Eagles for a long time and can't remember a WR corp this inefficient.
  4. Great points. I would say that Assante Samuel was the exception to the ex-Patriots players that did well here.
  5. There are certainly no teams knocking at the door for an Agholor trade.
  6. Fireeagle27

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Anyone know how many yards Smallwood had yesterday? 😎
  7. Fireeagle27

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I think the Dolphins are more upset followed closely by the Browns.
  8. I agree that if building a team around an "elite" RB is your goal, you will probably never see a superbowl and that it is easier if you do it with an "elite" QB, but you can have the most elite QB in the world and if the team around him sucks, that team will remain at the bottom or mediocre at best. It's the team as a whole that needs to gel and exceed their typical performance that wins SB's.
  9. You guys are really all saying the same thing. You need elite play at some of your most important positions on offense QB, RB, WR and possibly TE, but the better the team plays in the other positions like the line, kicking game and special teams, the more likely you are to win the SB. Just like on defense, you need elite play in the DL and safety positions, but can get far with LB's and CB's that are also playing at a high level. The term "elite" player gets tossed around a lot, but if you get consistent elite play out of above average players and consistent great play out of average players (realizing that average in the NFL is generally your elite or above average players in college), you have the super bowl winning formula. Just my opinion.
  10. Fireeagle27

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    Dude had great hands, size and speed. Could run routes and was very dependable as a receiver. Like DeathbyEagle above says, Hall of Fame.
  11. Fireeagle27

    Browns sign Hunt

    Howie really needs to work some magic this off season. The backs we had for the Super Bowl year were a constant threat that really helped the overall offense.
  12. Fireeagle27

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    It may not have been "fixed" but the refs again made some head scratching calls that always seemed to help the Patriots keep a drive alive. How much fun would pro football be to watch and play if backyard rules were followed instead of all of these judgement call penalties. Refs always made bad calls, but is it me or does it just seem like there are more now and that these calls are having a direct impact on the outcome of games? Some teams can fight through these bad calls and still win, but why should they have to????
  13. Fireeagle27

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Snoorda, you now have to let us know how you became such an Eagles fan. It is a good thing to have other favorite teams when your #1 team is no longer in the playoffs or not playing well. I always liked the Chargers, Seahawks and Falcons (mostly because we wore their jerseys in High School)... and anyone playing against Dallas is automatically my favorite for that game.
  14. Fireeagle27

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    This was another great suggestion. Wonder how many Eagles fans did this to watch a more exciting Super Bowl... especially since we know who won 🙂
  15. Fireeagle27

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Thanks VABeach. I know it was on Tuesday night and planned on using the DVR, but was teaching a basement fires class that night and ran out without recording. Good suggestion.