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    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    It really just comes down to what Nick and his family want. He could restructure his contract to stay with the Eagles which he would need to do since I don't see them spending $20 million next year on a back-up. He could go after the money and play for a team that doesn't use him as well as the Eagles have. He could say that he wants to stay and help the Eagles get some first round picks (I've seen projections that he could be worth 2 first round picks). We know the Eagles like having him where he is because of his success. This was clear in them getting him his $1 million incentive bonus this year, but I think Nick has all the power here to decide what he wants, especially if he can get us to another Super Bowl and possibly win it. His value increases with every win.
  2. Gotta love old reliable Sanchez. Makes some good throws, can't get points on the board. Hasn't changed much his entire career.
  3. They need to give Dallas a nice spanking next week to bring them back to reality. Don't give any big runs to Elliott and put pressure on Dax is the winning formula for defense. For offense, play like they have been recently and hit the WR's in the slot. Tate and Ertz (and hopefully Goedert) should have a big game on offense as long as the keep Dallas' defense honest with some nice chunks running the ball.
  4. The O line and D line have a good game. Eagles win.
  5. Fireeagle27

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    I am kind of sad. It is certainly not enjoyable watching the games this year like last. I was at the Chicago game and you knew 5 minutes in that the Eagles were by far, a better team and destined to go into the playoffs. Plays were executed on offense. The defense had a nose for the ball and were disruptive. Most of those players are back. Yes, some hurting, but c'mon guys... let's see some fire and desire to win.