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  1. 17 hours ago, GreenbleedinFL said:

    With all the good WR's this time,it is hard to discern where we take them.Makes mocking tougher and more interesting.I would like to see Ward blossom in the slot,or rotate with another draftee we get for now.I believe we DO go after Ruggs.After that we can wait for others to fall as value picks.I really don't see alt of tier drop off between round 2-4 inclusive.Even 5 could offer a WR value choice if that is the BPA that late

    I want to retire as the CEO of Amazon,what are my chances?(OH wait I'm already retired lol)

    You'd be a marked improvement over the little clown that runs it now.

  2. My thoughts on the FA's:

    CB Ronald Darby-  BYE
    CB Jalen Mills- BYE
    LT Jason Peters- BYE- dude you should retire and it's been great having you on the team.
    S Rodney McLeod- Offer something but nothing crazy to get him to stay.
    WR Nelson Agholor- BYE BYE (he gets two)
    DE Vinny Curry- 1 year deal with performance incentives
    RB Jordan Howard- Make a decent offer as he could be a great part of a 3 headed monster in rushing
    OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai- BYE
    LB Kamu Grugier-Hill-BYE, dude your just an average linebacker unless you want to stay, a 1 or 2 year deal.
    QB Nate Sudfeld- Going nowhere.  Back up quarterback deal.
    QB Josh McCown- Time for the sportscasters booth or coaching a HS team.  Great heart though.
    DT Timmy Jernigan- 1 year deal with performance incentives
    RB Darren Sproles- You were one one of the best. Take care of yourself now and your family.
    TE Richard Rodgers- You're our 3rd TE.  We will give you 3rd TE money for 3 years.
    DT Hassan Ridgeway- 2 year deal with game and performance incentives

  3. On 1/7/2020 at 6:19 AM, BKLYNYG said:

    The only team I truly hate is the Eagles and this extended slump against Philly has made things worse. After that it’s the Cowboys, Pats and Skins. 

    I really don't hate the Giants now because they are usually automatic wins for the Eagles.

    My top 3 are:

    1- Dallas


    3- Patriots- may be tolerable again if Belichick and Brady are gone.  They dropped down to 3 since Gronk retired.  What a doofus. 

  4. Refs blew a number of blatant penalties yesterday, but haven't we come to expect that from them by now?  It was pretty clear that the non-calls were going to go in Seattle's favor the entire game. 

    I really don't complain when they either let both teams just play, or call both teams equally, but I do complain, a little anyway, when it appears that the refs are improperly influencing the outcomes of games.  It doesn't do any good, but feels good to complain  🙂

  5. 4 hours ago, Bill_Dance said:

    This is the stuff that drives me nuts as a Cowboys fan, I cannot rebut anything you have written here. I'll just stay loyal and hopefully live long enough to see a change.

    My condolences for what you go through Bill.  I certainly give you credit for supporting your home team, no matter what happens.  I would objectively listen to what you have to say much more than the local lame population that supports the Cowboys more just to irritate Eagles fans and glom off of the years when Dallas was a powerhouse.  I will always relish them sucking but Happy Holidays to you and if appropriate Merry Christmas.  We got a nice gift from your team on Sunday and now just need to beat the Giants so that it has the bow topping.

  6. 2 hours ago, PoconoDon said:

    As I'm sure you know, nothing lasts forever, even if in the moment, it seems like it will. Things will turn around at some point. Before Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles had an owner (Norman Braman) who openly stated on local tv that he was never interested in winning championships, and that he was just in it to make as much money as he could. We were not a happy fan base, as you could imagine. At least the Cowboys have an owner that wants to win it all. He might figure out how to do it again. You never know.

    Yeah, Jerry stay involved in the game.  We love your enthusiasm and football knowledge.

  7. 9 minutes ago, jsb235 said:

    I would think the emergence of Ward means that the team doesn't have to sign anyone in free agency. Ward has shown he can lock down one spot. Desean has the other. If they draft someone, that person has to legitimately outplay Ward, something Hollins, Agholor and even Jeffery have been unable to do. Why do you assume a draft pick, even a first rounder, would be able to take his spot?

    I would think the team has learned its lesson in just handing guys wr spots based on where they were drafted.

    As far as a free agent, how much more should we spend on the wr position? Especially when we have so many other needs on the defense. It doesn't make sense to pay Jalen Mills to come back and pay a free agent WR when they could take that same money and bring in a corner who can actually play the position while at the same time not putting Ward back on the bench when he clearly belongs on the field. 

    I like what he is doing as I stated in my original post.   Not ready to crown him the next Jerry Rice just yet.  He is only 5'11" and was a quarterback in college so he will have problems with CB's that have a size and or speed advantage.  Any WR under 6 feet can be shut down by a taller and faster corners. 

    Jeffery may have his contract reworked and Agholor will be gone so there will be some money for the Eagles to spend if someone is available as a free agent that can help.  There will also be other players let go or that retire with some big salaries.  You are right that defense needs some serious work but with all the draft picks and a good WR friendly draft class, it needs to be addressed to keep giving Wentz some targets other than RB's and TE's.  Ward is coming alive, but I think he will still need to work hard to get a starting position next year.

    Here are his stats for the games he has played in this year:

    Sun 12/15 @ W 7 9 61 8.7 1 13 5
    Mon 12/9 vs W 4 9 34 8.5 0 13 2
    23-17 OT
    Sun 12/1 @ L 1 3 5 5 0 5 0
    Sun 11/24 vs L 6 7 40 6.7 0 9 3
    Sun 9/22 vs L 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

  8. I think his spot is certainly not guaranteed next year when you consider the Eagles need to draft a viable WR and possibly pull off a deal for a productive free agent.  With the recovery time needed for Alshon he will probably miss the start of the season next year.  Agholor will be gone.  Jackson hopefully won't be injured, but at his age now, you can never tell.  Ward may find his spot as the slot receiver.  He is out playing every other receiver we have.

  9. 3 hours ago, jsb235 said:

    I don't think that touchdown was Maddox's fault. It looked like the team was in a goofy coverage where Maddox was supposed to drop deep. But the ball was out of the qb's hand too quickly and caught him in no man's land. I think the fault lies with Mills not playing tighter knowing he had deep help.

    It looks like to me that Schwartz puts his corners in a position to fail every week by playing zones that are seemingly designed to fool the defense, but which often end up having our guys running around covering nothing but empty spaces of the field. 

    Schwartz is the main problem.  

    Poor play by undersized and underspeed corners are problem #2.

    DL getting old and injured is problem #3

    Jenkins losing a step so no fear inducing safety I would put at #4

    And at #5 is a major playmaker at LB.  This is the least of their problems because overall, the LB's have helped keep the running game in check most of the time.

  10. 1 hour ago, BRKMSN said:

    That's probably unlikely, but that would be interesting. The move to release him reeks of scapegoatishness. Were Hollins to play well in the dolphins' remaining games and make a meaningful contribution as a WR, it would actually make our current coaches look even worse. Like many decisions this year, I don't think they thought this one all the way through. It's not like we brought in another WR to replace him yet --- which is curious. So, in order to save a little face, a head had to roll. They picked one that fans would get on board with. If Hollins finds success, though, some of this staff may have sealed their own fate.

    Kind of hoping that he is successful in Miami.  I just don't think that we need to have any more examples of how inept our OC and DC really are.  We are stuck with them till the end of the season, but I would be starting the search now for a top tier candidate to fill each of these positions.  GO OUTSIDE THE TEAM.  There is nobody worth promoting from within.

  11. I don't think he is a bust.  That's a bit premature.  Like the pick and if the 2 back set helps him do what he did last week and he stops the east west nonsense, he certainly will be a win instead of a bust.  We do need to keep Howard too though as Sanders is definitely not a bruising back.