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  1. On 9/2/2019 at 10:18 AM, dawkins4prez said:

    BTW, Redskin fans should be furious that this soon to be 3-13 team didn't flay the Texans for draft capital by trading Williams.  Skins have to be the most demoralized team in the NFL heading into week 1.  I keep trying to imagine how they can upset us and I just can't do it.

    I think the Dolphins are more upset followed closely by the Browns.

  2. It nice to keep reading that his speed is still there so it should really open up the passing game for Wentz and benefit the running game by having the defense play back a little more to respect his speed.  If Wentz can get the timing down with DeSean and hit him in stride,  there could be a lot of pretty touchdowns in our future.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Rob331 said:

    I call BS on this. Fans weren't "fearing"!!! The media created an issue without ANY quotes form Jenkins. As fans we wouldn't have thought a thing of him simply skipping VOLUNTARY workouts, but the media injected a contract dispute as a component and that was WITHOUT ANY QUOTES FROM JENKINS. 

    Great points Rob.  Let's run some unsubstantiated stories without even talking to the player.  I've now seen both sides of this being reported and won't consider this a story until we hear from Jenkins. 

    Still not sure why players are signing contracts without performance bonuses and then holding out for a "raise" or to renegotiate the contract because of their performance.  Not sure if Jenkins is actually in this category but it annoyed me when T.O. did it.  It's like signing a contract to lease a vehicle.  The vehicle has no repair needed after a year so it stops running until you pay the dealership more on the lease.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, joemas6 said:

    Yeah... except I'm saying that you don't really need elite level play at RB... and that's what the data from the last 20 years has shown.  Again, I'm not saying bad play is ok ... just that elite play at RB is not needed.  

    I'm also saying I son't think its coincidence over this period of time... too much data.    I'm not arguing that its not the teams bukt around the QBs that are better than the ones built around the RBs either.    Maybe its easier to build around the QB?  IDK.   But I just don't think its coincidence, and therefore, I wouldn't worry about getting an elite, having to pay that elite RB, and forcing him to carry the workload and having the offense rely on him so much.  Basically, everything that comes with building your offense around an elite RB.  It just hasn't produced alot of team success the last 20 years... for whatever reason.  

    I agree that if building a team around an "elite" RB is your goal, you will probably never see a superbowl and that it is easier if you do it with an "elite" QB, but you can have the most elite QB in the world and if the team around him sucks, that team will remain at the bottom or mediocre at best.  It's the team as a whole that needs to gel and exceed their typical performance that wins SB's.

  5. You guys are really all saying the same thing.  You need elite play at some of your most important positions on offense QB, RB, WR and possibly TE, but the better the team plays in the other positions like the line, kicking game and special teams, the more likely you are to win the SB.  Just like on defense, you need elite play in the DL and safety positions, but can get far with LB's and CB's that are also playing at a high level.  The term "elite" player gets tossed around a lot, but if you get consistent elite play out of above average players and consistent great play out of average players (realizing that average in the NFL is generally your elite or above average players in college), you have the super bowl winning formula.  Just my opinion.

  6. Eagles had the winning formula last year with Wentz healthy.  They were dominating teams and winning the close games.

    They lost that winning formula this year and it was not just Wentz being injured and not 100%.  They need to get the winning formula back again and with all the free agents, possible retires and cuts, Howie has his work cut out for him to give Doug what he needs to get that formula back again.

  7. It may not have been "fixed" but the refs again made some head scratching calls that always seemed to help the Patriots keep a drive alive.  How much fun would pro football be to watch and play if backyard rules were followed instead of all of these judgement call penalties.  Refs always made bad calls, but is it me or does it just seem like there are more now and that these calls are having a direct impact on the outcome of games?  Some teams can fight through  these bad calls and still win, but why should they have to????

  8. 11 hours ago, SNOORDA said:

    I have every reason to root for the rams (once the eagles are out of contention).  

    I was a rams fan as a small child (40 years ago).

    I work for Inglewood. Have for almost 30 years.  And this city is about to blow sky high in revenue.  The stadium, the clippers arena, all the hotels and businesses, the rams will be literally paying the bills. 

    Shoot just a few weeks ago We just made a rams and chargers team logos with our new CNC machine and mounted them on top of city hall. 

    I love the rams uni.  2nd best only to the eagles.  

    Born and raised in LA and die hard lakers/Dodgers fan

     Pretty much all my close friends are rams fans and I was with them watching the super bowl

    but for some reason I cannot for the life of me figure out why I loved watching them get smacked down last night   And I hate the patriots too

    can someone explain this?


    Snoorda, you now have to let us know how you became such an Eagles fan.  It is a good thing to have other favorite teams when your #1 team is no longer in the playoffs or not playing well.  I always liked the Chargers, Seahawks and Falcons (mostly because we wore their jerseys in High School)... and anyone playing against Dallas is automatically my favorite for that game.  

  9. 1 hour ago, robj80 said:

    NFL  on youtube plays a shortened version of the game. I watched that and some other NFL  super bowl 52 stuff the other day.

    This was another great suggestion.  Wonder how many Eagles fans did this to watch a more exciting Super Bowl... especially since we know who won  🙂

  10. 18 hours ago, VaBeach_Eagle said:

    Sign up for a free preview of NFL Game Pass, on NFL.COM. Just be sure to cancel it before they charge you for a full subscription.

    Thanks VABeach.  I know it was on Tuesday night and planned on using the DVR, but was teaching a basement fires class that night and ran out without recording.  Good suggestion.