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  1. let's trade Wetzelhurt for 3 1st round draft picks....yep, that;ll be the phone calls into sports talk in Philly. Morons.......the Eagles fan base is passionate, but morons.
  2. yea, lights's your knee, back, elbow, head.....a career of never ending injuries ahead, and reliving past glory...that's your next 10 years with the "Savior"....HE's COOKED son......cooked. But Foles will bring us another miracle SB.....I can;t stop laughing...literally, this is so fun to watch. you may (if you're lucky) TIE the Redskins this best one more win...can you imagine, from a SB win to barely besting the most "embarrassing" teams in sports that hasn;t had their starting QB for half a season. You Eagle fans still don;t get it , do you.....NO ONE cares about the Eagles nationally, NO're so self absorbed in this area that you fail to realize the Eagles don't matter. No one nationally gives a sh%$%t about stupid Swoop, your arrogant foul mouth fans, and sh&% whole of a city. You all fooled yourselves into thinking this is a great team on a down year, THEY'RE not.....there slightly above average with a woeful defense, moronic D coordinator, inept coach, and injury prone QB. Get ready for your spanking in LA Sunday night on a National stage......
  3. what will will come first...pacos 100K post, or the first time he gets laid?
  4. 54K post?? paco.....stop smoking mushrooms, put down the game controller, and move out of your parents basement over in Avondale oh yea, kissing girls is not icky, you should try it paco Everyday TATE Members 23,335 54,615 posts
  5. Josh Johnson! Season Saved! Here's another little juicy fact. Alex Smith hasn't played in 3 WEEKS!, and has the same number of wins as Kirk Cousins, and has also beat teams with wining records this year....Kirk 0-5 against wining teams. Of all the moronic decisions the Skins have made over the years...letting Cousins walk and signing Smith wasn't one of them. I'm only upset they didn't let that dolt walk a couple years ago. Did I miss something..did the Eagles win games i wasn't aware of.......miracle is over....dude, it's look like a fool breaking my stones. I equate the next several years under Wentz and Pederson as a plane with an engine blown out, flying on an empty tank at an altitude of 20,000 feet, but the mountain ahead is 21,000 feet
  6. and the Eagles season?..........dude..really we're on our 4 QB and decimated with injuries..and your "savior" has played pretty much the entire season.......may want to rethink your post(s) breaking any NFC East teams stones you have the self awareness of Michael Scott
  7. Ummm, do you really think you're in any better position to pass judgement on my QB and teams current situation. Here's some sobering news, your team has the same record, and a QB "the savior" that has made equally as bad plays in critical moments. With your aging line and loss of viable coaching, you're MUCH closer to the 2016 season than 2017. I'm sure you think it's a great team on a down year.....nope!, it's a slightly better than average team, and what you see will be the norm the next few years...buckle up buddy, it's going to get bumpy, and you only have a few more weeks to proclaim "SB Champs" then it's back to obscurity.
  8. and to Brady Quinn and the love of Kirk's life Danny Kanell, it's not going to get better, and it's not anyone's fault but Kirks. Kirk's future records 2019 8-8 2020 8-8 2021 8-8 2022 (Greeter at Walmart)
  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha we told you so Love, Redskins Fans