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  1. alphaTATEr

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    claiming racism when there isn't/wasn't any should be considered racism in itself.
  2. yeah im assuming he would be suspended as soon as he'd sign with a team. but even if the league didn't suspend him then, does he last 1/2 a season ?
  3. lets say he get re-instated. how many games does he last before he's in trouble again ? over/under ?
  4. alphaTATEr

    Reid Brings McNabb In To Speak To The Chiefs ??

    worst choice ever.
  5. man, too bad the eagles didn't trade for this guy.
  6. alphaTATEr

    Retire #17

  7. you're lucky to have gotten into game when norman was on the way out.
  8. so for once the eye test and the QBR coincide.
  9. he doesn't play well against good teams in general. I don't think a guy (yes even carson) should be demanding elite money if that's the case. don't get me wrong, I hope Dak pushes and holds out for that coin.
  10. 49 QBR vs winning teams. im not saying he sucks, but let's not get carried away with the praise either.
  11. i kidding around about the hate. i mean we wouldn't use a pee bucket if there were more porta potties. we always have our trash in bags, but we are against the fence so our stuff doesn't get knocked around. some people just let stuff lay on the ground. no doubt though that the new traffic pattern getting out of there is asinine.
  12. 1. true, but don't hate us because we came better prepared. 2. meh, makes for fun swerving between the bottles getting out. 3. agree 100%
  13. alphaTATEr

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    its still to close to call. to this point the eagles are only 1.5 games behind the cowboys (dallas 1-0 head to head) ...anything can happen and a few weeks from now could be a different story. I cant deny though that the eagles, the offense in particular is a mess. from the game plans to the execution.
  14. you're gonna have an issue with that many taking up spots. do yourself a favor and park in the middle of whatever lot you choose. less chance you are taking a spot(s) from long time tailgaters. one of the cash lots would probably be best.