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  1. four other teams took away that fan base's dreams of a super bowl win long ago so you'd think they know how to handle epic fails.
  2. I went on a field trip with my younger son's school to the statue of liberty a few months after the super bowl win. there were about ten Vikings fans on the ferry and the kids all started mocking them with the foles/skol chant. brought a tear to my eye I gotta admit.
  3. their fans came here and tried to take a ish on our area like they were some Viking horde only to find out they were actually a bug under our feet.
  4. I for one think Dak should hold the cowboys over the coals until he gets what he deserves. all you haters need to back off and embrace this potentially bad signing for the cowboys.
  5. point taken on the secondary, I have said as much myself, but the scheme Swartz runs doesn't call for blitzing in general. it never has. never will. he wants pressure from his front four. when he does blitz it seems predictable. I mean I can see it every time he calls one, im sure the opposing coaches do too. just not a big fan of his.
  6. he has always coached this way. good talent or not, (and i know its lacking in the eagles def backfield) he does not like to blitz in general. I'm not saying bring the house every time, but if the front 4 cant get pressure and the qb is chewing up the secondary, you need to bring some more pressure from somewhere.
  7. true, and hope he does to going forward when needed as well. just never a big fan of the guy, but I'd love to be swayed the other way.
  8. so you're going to try and act like that is the norm for Swartz ? you cant because he never calls a game like that. why did it take playing the lousy jets to spice up the defensive calls ? maybe Pederson dug into him ?
  9. the butt hurt is strong in this one.
  10. I have never watched a more boring eagles defense than what Swartz puts out there.
  11. alphaTATEr

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    yeah that pass to Nellie against the falcons actually broke his fingers. this
  12. alphaTATEr

    Antonio Brown turmoil related to unhappiness over helmet

    BOOM. f'ng scumbag. great move by the pats. how long before jerrah jones calls AB ?
  13. alphaTATEr

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    lmao - that's him !!!!
  14. alphaTATEr

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    haaa. classic ! not sure when exactly but it was def during the gibbs 2.0 era. does the DTC (dead tree crew) still post there and brag about stomping opposing fans ? I got into it with one of them on extreme. we went to fed ex in '03 and parked at near their spot on purpose, but not even a peep out of them. great tailgate though, we showed up early and ended up parked with about 20 other cars filled with eagles fans waiting to get in the lot.
  15. alphaTATEr

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    uh-oh. that's something we gotta find out. that guy banned me from extreme years back when I posted a news story of skins fans jumping people.