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  1. alphaTATEr

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    yeah that zero to do with the other players that came back from injury and the defense not sucking. it was all because wentz went out.
  2. alphaTATEr

    Coming from France

    def get to the stadium early. the home opener is always slower when it comes to getting inside beyond the security check.
  3. alphaTATEr

    Road trips 2019

    doing the giants game and hopefully Miami.
  4. POS person on a POS team. match made in heaven , if you're an eagles fan.
  5. alphaTATEr

    JPP Broke Neck in Car accident

    sounds like you need a hug.
  6. alphaTATEr

    JPP Broke Neck in Car accident

    you do care. you just feel too embarrassed admit you missed an obvious joke. now you're making it worse.
  7. on the list of things that McCoy could be called a scumbag over, this is probably pretty far down the list.
  8. alphaTATEr

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I love the giants' front office.
  9. alphaTATEr

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    he didn't get that happy ending against the eagles so .......
  10. I mean I get the point being made, but id rather of not gotten another damn price hike in my tickets as a gift.
  11. can we get back to how the saints and anyone involved with them are a bunch of sandy V's ? asking for a friend, thanks
  12. strength ? you're all crying like a bunch of newborns in a maternity ward. bunch of P's
  13. alphaTATEr

    Hey Alvin!

  14. alphaTATEr

    Hey Alvin!

    true. the broncos team that won was ranked 1st in yards and 4th in points. the other defs were pedestrian at best. wasn't there some call in the 09 nfccg that benefitted the saints and helped send them to the super bowl ?