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  1. MalFr

    Coming from France

    Dear Philly, Yes, all of you. I'd like to thank you for a simply fantastic 1st game experience. The warmth, friendliness, help and generosity we received really made our day. From the guys at a concession stand that couldn't believe we'd come for our first game to all around us in sec105 with whom we talked, laughed, commiserated (at 17-0) and just had a great time. And the whole stadium who generated such an electric atmosphere. You all made us feel like we'd been friends for years. You guys really are the best. One day i hope to be able to repay that in some way. For anyone else coming to their first game in the future, I'd like to offer the following NOOB comments from our experience: We got to the end of the security line at 12:15. We got to our seats towards the end of the player introductions so allow at least an hour if you want to catch it all.. If you do take a clear bag through security then they will ask YOU to go through everything while they watch: Open glasses cases, shake out t-shirts. It adds time. Sounds crazy but warm up your voice before the game starts. I still wait to get back my voice back several days after the game ended. The Lombardi replica apparently has now been moved to the locker room :( The Pro shop doesn't open until 11am, even on game days. Go after the game and while busy its not too bad. There seems to be no good time to go to the restroom or get food/drink etc. You will have to wait whenever you go. You don't need to learn "fly eagles, fly" in advance - they scroll the words on the advertising hoardings :) If you really want to follow the game you need to concentrate. There's no rewind or pause when someone walks past or your eye is momentarily caught by something else in the stadium. We got to the NRG septa station about 45 mins after the game ended. There was no line, no delay, no crowds. just straight on an uncrowded train and away. Unless you have an urgent reason to leave after the game, don't rush to the station. Now i have to work out how to get back here again to get another game. How cold is Philly at the end of January? :) Go Birds. Mal
  2. MalFr

    Coming from France

    Great tips, thanks for that. I did want to see the Lombardi especially.
  3. MalFr

    Coming from France

    looks like you had a good day, i certainly hope to have a good one. In what capacity did you represent the eagles? Not that Kelly Green isn't enough :) And a shout out to the young French Lady wearing a #20 Dawkins Jersey at Bordeaux Airport last weekend :)
  4. MalFr

    Coming from France

    Wow, thanks for that. Funny how much of that i still remember after all those years - half the field in bright sunlight, half shade, the high saturation picture, a less-than-poor series leading up to the play. And so many great eagles names there - Keiths Byars and Jackson, Calvin Williams just in that short clip. Didn't realise that was Bruce Smith though, nor that Barnett was in double coverage. You're right, not disappointed :)
  5. MalFr

    Coming from France

    Hi All, Thanks for all the comments, making me look even more forwards to it now and minicamp has only just ended :) I'll try and answer in one go: I'll speak to The Boss and propose that we get there early/mid-morning. We're staying in town so will be taking the septa (?) down to the Linc, I figure it'll be pretty difficult to get lost on the way there. Then get inside for noon, and go get my first timers certificate. I'm English but i live in France now. I've been following the Eagles since the late '80s-ish when the NFL was just breaking through in the UK. I was working with a Raider and a Washington fan and obviously needed a team - this is at a time when we'd have to go get a specific Tuesday newspaper to find the Sunday night scores. I'd been edging towards the Eagles for whatever reason - perhaps a combination of Reggie/Clyde/Seth and the general swagger i guess. Then one week on our English weekly hour long highlight show they showed this one, single play - i think against the Bills. As i remember it we took the snap inside our our 5 on 3rd-and-not-good, Randall dropped back into the end zone as the DT or DE came around about to be sacked for a safety. Randall ducked under his arm and threw it to Barnett on the right sideline who took it the length of the field, and that just sealed it. Or at least, that's how i remember it. I guess it's probably on youtube now but i don't want to shatter any illusions :). One february evening last year it took me ages to find a live stream of the victory parade that wasn't geoblocked nor blocked by our company firewall :) Upstairs i have a #12 in Kelly Green, brand new and unworn - that i bought all those years ago, to wear to my first game. Just hope it still fits :) We're only in Philly for 2 nights, and this is a last minute addition to our US vacation tour plan. It was only good luck that we could change the schedule to fit the game in once the schedule was announced and i had to bargain hard to get it sorted. As we're short on time with so much to see we'll probably stay in the city the whole time we're there. I do like the idea of tapping up Mr Spadaro though - i already get most of his content - but i'm not sure we'll be able to fit it in, or even that he would be available on such a busy weekend. Although i will make time for at least 1 cheesesteak :) We're on the eagles sideline right side, by the pylon/endzone - i'm hoping DJax gets his first return eagles TD on a post route! So far as i can work out it's the SW corner so should be shaded most of the time, but of course we'll dress suitably for the weather - we'll be packing all sorts due to our vacation. (BTW, you guys have no idea how difficult it is to get tickets as an independent foreign visitor :( ) Thanks for all your helpful pointer! Mal
  6. MalFr

    Coming from France

    Excellent, thanks for the Info. We're in a lower section. What kind of time should we plan to clear security if we want to catch the coin toss?
  7. Hi All, For many, many years i've been an avid Eagles fan, following them from where-ever i've been living at the time - whether that's the UK, Japan, Germany, or now France. Now though the end of my wait to see them play is getting closer, as finally i'll be at the Linc for the season opener for the game against Washington. Not only will it be my first Eagles game (couldn't get tickets in London last season) but my first regular season NFL game too. And i can't wait :) Does anyone have any advice for a non-US game day noob, especially about some of the points below? The Game is at 1pm - lunch time. I've read that eating/drinking at the Linc isn't often a great plan, so what are the better ways to make sure you don't get hungry/thirsty? Tailgating. We really want to experience it, but how does it work if we know no-one in town? I've been offered tickets to a commercial tailgate, but i'm not sure if its going to be a good thing or not. We'll be on the shady side. Early afternoon in September - not going to be too chilly is it? Or will we be in sun for the early part of the afternoon? Is it worth taking a camera (dslr)? Or from a security/safety point of view will it cause more problems than it's worth (just leave it in the hotel)? The clear bag policy seems...clear. Any other tips of what to/not bring not already included on the website? Apart from skipping food inside the Linc, not standing up and getting a clear bag what else should we avoid doing? Or what must we do? Cheers, Mal