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  1. Good morning! We have arrived at the stadium we r in lot N, area 7 parked up against the guardrail. You can’t miss us lol
  2. Hey Savannah! My girlfriend just brought up a very good point, just in case you two can’t find us she said I should give you my number just in case, (908) 283-5732. See you guys in the morning!
  3. Hahaha it’s gonna be a good time! We always have a blast tailgating before the game! This is us so you know who to look for, we will be driving a black Hyundai Tucson, like I said I’ll post a pic of our ex at location in the morning so u can find us, my name is Stefan btw lol
  4. Sounds like a plan to us! We will be there bright and early, around 7, we always park up against the guardrail in section M/N I’ll send you a pic when we get there so you know who to look for. And we always have room in the cooler so bring whatever it is you guys wanna drink and that’s about it. See y’all tomorrow!
  5. Howdy!!!! My gf and myself actually hung out with a couple attending there first game during week 1. And they were also from Canada, Alberta. We will be in parking lot M/N you guys are more than welcome to join us for food and beers! We had a blast with our new Canadian friends a few weeks back, would be pretty cool to keep it going, let me know. Would let ya know how to find us, he’s a pic of us with them, (also had a few people from a California make there first trip out and we all meet here on this forum) fly eagles fly!!!
  6. So me and my gf are going to our second game this season this Sunday to see the birds take on the jets! We always park in the M/N lot. Looking for some fans to tailgate with! All are welcome.
  7. Mark if you guys can’t find us here’s my number bud (908) 283-5732
  8. Oh yea! Mark be on the look out for a Black Hyundai Tucson that’s what we r sitting In front of brother
  9. We are ready and waiting for ya Mark and Ms. Mark🤣
  10. Hey Mark!!! We r in lot N up against the guardrails in front of all the RVs! Fly eagles fly!!!!
  11. Hey Mark! Heres a pic so you know who to look for tomorrow morning bud, I’ll be there around 7! I’ll let you know exactly where we are once we park. Hey Blastinmuzik your more than welcome to join the tailgate brother! The more the merrier! #flyeaglesfly
  12. Sounds like a plan to me my man!!!!! Gonna be a good time! Only 10 more days till kickoff brother!!!!!!!🍻🍻🍻
  13. Hey bud!!!! Not quite sure where in the lot we will be parking, when it comes to an eagles home game the earlier you get there the better!!!! I’m ALWAYS there as soon as the gate opens, we can def stay in touch and your absolutely more than welcome to tailgate with us for your first game man!!!! I’ll be cracking my first beer at 8am when the gates open lol. And we are gonna be in a black Hyundai Tucson! I’ll take a pic of us and post it on the thread on game day as well as let you know exactly where we are! We will def show you a great first game my friend!!!🍻🍻🍻
  14. Hey bud! Don’t know what section your parking in but me and my girl are going to the home opener as well! We are gonna be in lot M-N we can show ya how to tailgate Philly style!!!!!