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  1. Maga301

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    It amazes me when guys who claim to be men just can't MAN UP and admit when they were wrong. Garrett's best ploy was to walk in that hearing and admit that I lost my cool, I did something reckless and dangerous and I accept all consequences. The appeal officials would likely let you off with a lessor suspension given your outright honesty and candor. But now you raise their eyebrows again by claiming something that you will never know is true because of hearsay.
  2. Maga301

    And now Michael Bennett...

    Well this is why you have locker room issues, players are questioning the teams decisions. Bennett isn't making this team 5-2 or 4-3 but yes he was productive here.....the players need to also be held accountable, we are 3-4 because they aren't playing well enough, and coaches aren't coaching well either.
  3. Maga301

    And now Michael Bennett...

    I think another reason players are starting to judge and react to Roseman by his moves, along with the anonymous comment made about the Ramsey trade. I'm not saying trading back for Bennett would have been a guaranteed fix, but players in the locker room saw Roseman bring back Curry for a redemption tour if you will and he hasn't done squat.......but Roseman has issues with trading back for a productive DE when he could help this team win. Especially for pennies.........what if players are saying "so you give an unproductive guy a second chance, but you won't give a productive guy a second chance" I get Bennett may not be a favorite by some in the locker room, but where do you draw the line wanting friendship over production? Just because everyone is buddy-buddy in the locker room doesn't mean that helps you win games. We are lacking production in many areas.
  4. Maga301

    Week 5: Browns @ 49ers

    Yea I saw in the 3rd QTR the score was 28-3 and Kitchens was running the ball. That team likely has one of the best WR duos in the league and they can't score a TD.
  5. Maga301

    Week 5: Browns @ 49ers

    I think that L had a lot to do with Mayfield, they got behind pretty quick and never Gould missed like 2-3 FG's. It amazes me the crap talking he did this offseason, trying to be a leader of men when you've only played one season. This could be another disaster in the making. The cries from OBJ are going to soon start, no way he wants to be there - this is like JUCO for him.
  6. Maga301

    Jay Gruden let go...

    Was it? I only watched it once quickly and moved on......I laughed at it more then anything. I was just saying, you know reporters, they like to ask stupid questions and Redskins chose to not comment over the weekend.
  7. Maga301

    Jay Gruden let go...

    I am shocked that none of the reporters asked if the dope smoking video had anything to do with them firing Gruden this weekend, versus keeping him for another few weeks. Week 5 is pretty early......
  8. The fact is unless Jones is willing to the distance with this stand-off, most likely Jones will lose. Now make no mistake I don't think Dak is worth 25 million a year, but what we think does not dictate the market. Look at Kirk Cousins. Look at Garropalo. Look at Derek Carr.......all three guys are making at least 25 million a year. What you deserve and what you actually get is totally different, especially when you are a QB. Teams need QB's.
  9. What about Dan Quinn? We think our OC is bad, they got Jones, Ridley and Sanu.
  10. Maga301

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I think any rumor now is here say......Callahan will use this as an audition period, as all interim HC's do and in the mean time Skins will be evaluating all possibilities. Way too early to know who is real options here. But I wouldn't expect NFL coaches wanting to come here nor would I expect Allen and Snyder to consider someone who isn't willing to be a YES MAN
  11. Maga301

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The word around town is that when you coach there, you coach with limitations on decisions that are finalized by Allen first then Snyder. So if I am an upcoming coordinator seeking a coaching job this is the least favorite place I want to come coach. I just think there are collegiate guys out there chomping at any opportunity that comes their way, so they become easier to hire.
  12. Maga301

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Since when has Snyder made it about winning games? It's about making his pockets fat and winning is just icing on the cake. Any true old school Skins fan will tell you that. What legit NFL experienced coach is going to want to come here? A collegiate coach will at least give this bandwagon fan base a reason to want to come to games, especially with Haskins likely needing a shotgun/spread offense in order to succeed. Top that off with a top 5 draft pick and Skins fans will be predicting a 10-6 record in May of 2020.
  13. It's easy to poke holes at him but our corners are garbage. In a passing league can you blame him for not wanting to bring the house knowing we can't cover well on the back end? Get this guy some decent corners and then we can see what he does with this defense moving forward.
  14. Maga301

    Jay Gruden let go...

    I don't normally have nice things to say about divisional opponents, but for 30 minutes you saw a team fighting for Gruden. That first half was nowhere near the blowout many expected. That guy seems well respected by those players, it's a part of the biz but he will find work as an OC somewhere.
  15. Because it was the Jets. Schwartz knew that if he sent the house multiple times it was unlikely the Jets would burn us. Their run game was their only offense so he stacked the box and attacked a WEAK offense. But that's not a knock on him - he did what he should've done against a weak opponent. Now whether he does this moving forward I don't know.