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  1. League admits to Redskins they blew major call.

    I saw the play and thought the refs totally blew the call but then the announcers kept saying they got the call right so I started second guessing myself. It looked like the WR ran the wrong route and there was nothing "intentional" about it. These announcers should have a better grasp of the rule book.
  2. Media Guide

    Dave, Can you have Media relations update the individual records & rookie records in the Media Guide? They're a couple weeks behind and I enjoy the stats.
  3. Bradford’s Knee might end his career per Jay Glazer

    Not to sound cold but I feel worse for the guy who has a family to feed and loses his job. Bradford's probably made $75-100 million over his career.
  4. Villanueva catches heat?!

    It has everything to do with conservatives and liberals. Just watch the networks and you can see who's on who's side. You must be blind if you don't see it.
  5. Villanueva catches heat?!

    Why do liberals have the right to free speech but conservatives don't? I have a feeling a lot of players agree with Trump but were afraid to speak up. They were forced into this nonsense.
  6. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Here's the bottom line. GODdell still has egg on his face from the Ray Rice mess and doesn't want to look soft on domestic violence so Zeke is paying the price.
  7. I bet you weren't saying that when he was 3-0 with a blowout win over the Steelers last year.
  8. Not at all. He's Reggie Bush part 2.
  9. That's a really bad mock. I would be so disappointed if the Eagles did this. First, Ross is a luxury. You can't draft a luxury when you have glaring holes at CB, RB, DL and LB. Second, Jordan Willis is really bad. I mean really, really bad. He's got great combine numbers but watch him actually play. He gets taken out of too many plays. Aside from that, the corners in this mock are also terrible.
  10. You can't make this stuff up. Last week there was a rumor the Cowboys were trading Romo and possibly receiving the 2nd overall pick. This week he's getting cut and Dallas receives nothing.
  11. OFFICIAL: Brandon Marshall signs with Giants

    So what. The Eagles own the Giants. The Giants own the Cowboys and the Cowboys still won the division very easily. How does a declining Marshall take them over the top? As for GB, they have no defense but still crushed the Giants twice this year.
  12. Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    I was never great at math but isn't 120% raise of $19 million over $40 million a year. How did they come up with $34m?
  13. NFC Divisional: Packers @ Cowboys.

    Look at the Dallas sideline. This game is over in the 2nd quarter and they know it.
  14. Jason Pierre-Paul out for the rest of the season

    So you'll get your wish- they'll be 8-8.
  15. Seattle is waaay better than Dallas

    Never said all that. Simply said Seattle is better. Bottom line.