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  1. MERK

    Keenum to the Broncos

    We're slowing running out of places for Foles to go. Browns- no Bills- probably not, they want someone in the draft Broncos- no Jets- maybe but they will probably draft someone. Might sign Bridgewater? Cardinals- best spot right now Vikings- probably sign Cousins Maybe the Eagles will pull another Bradford and someeone's starter gets hurt in the pre-season.
  2. MERK

    OBJ in a video with pizza, a blunt and cocaine

    Good luck with that. I don’t even think Cleveland is dumb enough to do that.
  3. MERK

    Josh Allen will bust

    Agree 100%. If Allen gets the right coaching he'll be a stud. Of the four QB prospects, I like him the most and I hope he doesn't go to NY.
  4. Even with no time left?
  5. No, it would be illegal contact on the Eagles, PI on Gronkowski. I’m not sure if they get a free play on off-setting penalties.
  6. MERK

    Giants Scoping our assistant coaches

    15 out of the last 18 is absolute ownage. Eagles own the Giants so much it's hard to call it a rivalry anymore.
  7. MERK

    Media Guide- Playoff records

    Dave, What happened to the individual playoff records in the Media Guide. Looks like someone replaced it by accident with regular season records.
  8. Dave, Can you have Media relations update the individual records & rookie records in the Media Guide? They're a couple weeks behind and I enjoy the stats.
  9. Why did you close my post on" I want the Eagles to get". From the research I did Dallas Clark's last year is voidable. That means there is an option, usually the option is exercised after the season, not during or before. I do not believe he is a FA yet.