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  1. My nephew was laughing. He's mixed (black and white) and is watching the video of Brown saying "this is black vs. white" and just says to me, "the cops name is Vega, another cop looks Mexican, that cop is blacker than me, the other cop is black ... dude, this man is just crazy. Starting a race war while holding a bag of gummy d^^ks." Cracked me up.
  2. Thank you, Jon Schwartz.
  3. It's funny to me that people are going to mental illness on Antonio Brown. @bwestbrook36 knows I like to be a jerk at times with this to troll, but I'm being dead serious here... People do not realize what tools these players are. When I started at Scout.com and the kids didn't know my name, I would have thought I was a dog. I specifically remember a Notre Dame commitment named Mike Ragone treated me like such a piece of crap on the phone that I went to a Camden Catholic game (this was in 2005 or 2006 and I was only 26) and literally asked him what his f'ing problem was and who he thought he was. His grandfather was with him and told him he needed to shape up. Mike wasn't so mouthy when someone his size was across from him with the same attitude. I will also say, he was great to deal with after that. I know kids in the NFL now that were holding up stores at gunpoint before they were in high school and it's not on their record as they were juveniles. Kids that were dealing hard drugs all through high school, in this league right now. Even after I became a "bigger name", you still had them treat you like crap. I'd just ignore those idiots. And it's probably why I didn't keep doing it. I wouldn't kiss the arse of 17 year olds. The college and pros I met? Holy hell. You want to meet some absolute trash? There you go. I could name ten guys that make Antonio Brown look normal. It's not mental illness. Every desire has just been fed for so long, they've been told they're Gods for so long, they've been worshipped so long that ... they don't understand no. Prince's personal assistant said it best in a posthumous interview. She said that Prince didn't understand why they couldn't get him a camel at 3am in Minnesota during winter. It's not that he didn't understand that the camel would die or that it was illegal or whatever. It was because he was Prince, so get him the f'ing camel or you're fired. Those are a lot of pro athletes.
  4. If you talk like that in Ridley Township the police will literally arrest you and/or assault you. For foul language. And they'll do it while calling you every foul name in the book. Maybe we should move him here.
  5. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    I liked the Doug hiring a lot. I can't say I would have disagreed with you on Matt for the NFL, but I would have for the Eagles simply because he hadn't done it at Baylor. He almost took a higher profile job then even.
  6. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    I'm not trying to be condescending, but I'm well aware of how the coaching staff broke down. I worked with every coach there and was on campus with them constantly. I'm going to leave it at ... you're being extremely generous to Matt. What Matt did better than those other coaches is what you're not mentioning and it had nothing to do with coaching prowess. It's why people wanted him. You say Temple was looking at a New Year's Six Bowl. I guess as much as any undefeated team in any conference was looking at a New Year's Six Bowl after only 7 games played. I'm sorry I don't share your, and you have to at least admit this, heavily biased opinion that a team only one game past the half way point of the season was "looking at a New Year's Six game". They were then taken behind the wood shed by two teams in their own conference (including Houston to did go to the Peach Bowl and won) and then got spanked by a MAC team. Can't remember who, but it was Akron or Toledo, I know that. If you can't admit some heavy bias here, I don't know what to say. I've watched Notre Dame play in a National Championship and go to the Final Four in the past 5 seasons and I don't think they've been "looking at a National Championship" for over 25 years now and that's my team.
  7. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    I'll also say, I hope Phil Snow does really well with him. Coach Snow is a no BS, fair guy. He had me in for defensive review one day and I did not understand the terminology of their defense at all, which I let him know. In fact, I told him I felt like an idiot and there was no reason for me to be in the room. He said he would like my input. I had no idea why. Kept reviewing the same plays like 10-15 times each. Finally, he asked me what I thought. As usual, I blurted. "I think Matakevich needs to be reminded how to tackle because he isn't wrapping anyone, Avery looks like he has no idea where he is and (I can't remember the practice number) is showing people up." I got some words tossed at me by some of the defensive staff. Coach Snow said, "He's right. Tyler is tackling like crap, Avery had a concussion and the Reddick kid looks good." I left that meeting while I was way ahead and Phil thought I was smart. LOL.
  8. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    I have to say, your memory of Temple football may differ from a lot of people. Having spent time on that campus from 2007 until 2016 ... what are you talking about? Al Golden turned the boys around and started to actually get solid recruits. He went out on two seasons that I'm pretty sure were 9-3 and 8-4 and then Addazio took his players and went 9-4 again. Problem was, the cupboard was bare. Al could recruit. Matt won two games his first year at Temple man. At no point were they looking at a New Year's Six Bowl in 2015. Lost to Notre Dame at home (I sold my tickets for $570 and stood on the sidelines), then got thumped by USF like the next week or two weeks later and then got beat by Houston and hammered in their bowl game and I can't even remember who they played. That was a four loss team that you're saying "nearly got into a New Year's Six Bowl". What? I mean dude, I'm friends with a lot of the staff, but I'm not even reaching that far.
  9. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    A funny story about Matt Rhule if you're looking to get a feel for his personality... When he got the HC job at Temple, I had a player trying to get there on scholarship. To be frank, the kid wasn't a I-A player. However, Matt made time to meet with he and I one on one which I really appreciated. He didn't ask, but I did bring him a ton of recruiting information for the area that I had. He told me to put it away and there would be another time for that. My first impression was that he was wearing a 4XL sweatsuit. Why? He looked ridiculous. As we're in his office, he says, "Christ, look at me. I look like a circus clown. I'm the head coach for christ's sakes. You'd think I could get some clothes that f'ing fit me!" in a completely not taking himself serious tone. That's when I knew Matt Rhule was the man. Spent an hour with my kid. Offered him a preferred walk on. One of my other favorite convos with Matt was when I found a really, really good prospect named Caleb Samuel who had ZERO offers. I told Caleb I could get him an offer right there at 11pm. Called Coach Rhule and he's having wings at that bar on Temple's campus. I send him the kid's HUDL and get a call, "The heck are you waiting for, give this kid my cell phone immediately!" Caleb Samuel calls me back in 10 minutes with his first scholarship offer. Went to UNC, but still, just funny. I loved when Matt, Coach Snow, Siravo, Dave and that gang were in Philly. Great, great, great people.
  10. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    I can tell you Cleveland was never an option. That's not from Matt's mouth, but from mutual friends I was told he had less than zero interest.
  11. ndirish5567

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    Proud to call Matt a friend and couldn't be happier for him right now. Met a LOT of coaches in my time, but he's one of the few that could make you want to run through a wall for himand drink a beer with him at the same time.
  12. Are you talking about FDR park? You're allowed to tailgate there? Never knew that. Actually shocks me as the police are constantly rolling through there and if you have an open container, you're f'ed.
  13. ndirish5567

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Never saw this thread. Had a few thoughts that I did find interesting about Colin... 1. His birth mother originally said that his birth father was either Armenian or Sicilian. She said there were two men in the picture. This was in 2013. Now, she all of the sudden remembers that he is definitely half black that he has allowed her back in his life. I find that odd. She is Italian. 2. I actually don't care what he does before games. However, if I sit in front of clients and act in a way that is going to embarrass my corporation, it isn't collusion if others won't hire me. It's common sense. No one had a problem with this when Michael Vick had job troubles. 3. I was actually hoping he'd make a team until I saw he wore the Kunta Kinte shirt and I have to tell you, that pissed off black people I know more than white people. They were livid. The guy has killed himself now.
  14. ndirish5567

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    😂 Never the wrong forum bro.
  15. ndirish5567

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    Haha. I warned you of the Pounceys when they were at Florida. Love the props. You have a great f'ing memory. In this case though, I was loving Maurice.