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  1. When I a quote someone and make a post, I can no longer post in that thread, as the original remains in the box. How do I clearly this?

  2. I think at 8 we need a player who at the very least will start the final 8 games of this season and contribute this year. We are already pretty heavily invested at QB. I like the Kevin Hogan pick. I also like the kids coming out of Mich and Mich State
  3. A fine Cornell University graduate
  4. Mike is right....did I really just say that? Second let's assume the misguided OP was on track, any Eagle team that could get caught in a trap game versus Dallas...should have the coaching staff fired and the entire team cut If the team scored and went up 100-0, Chip should go for 2. At the post game presser when asked why, he should answer because I couldn't go for 3 Yes the hatred is that strong...this is Dallas week @ home....D as in D Batteries
  5. Why don't they call themselves the Dream Team?
  6. I don't think ESPN hates Chip I know Steven A Smith does
  7. but Bird, Keyes was a two way player at Purdue.... I blame Jerry Williams.........and still do
  8. His money will change and so will demand probably by the 4th quarter of the first week of preseason...injuries change things
  9. dillum...given the fact that he threatened the lives of the kids...and their family....I have to wonder, was this really an isolated incident or a pattern of bad blood between the parties involved? Or as hey Seuss, said...he really liked those chairs.....a chair sniffer maybe? I mean he works for Rex, an avowed Toe sniffer if there ever was one
  10. Will he now head up FSUs recruiting efforts?
  11. no rule, but I heard he had a skin graft....that alone would hinder and delay any return. The major risk there would be infection....I don't know how he gets back onto the field any time soon
  12. Nattering Nabobs of Negativism