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  1. Eagles game in Munich

    Am in munich over the weekend, does anyone know where nfl games are shown/ if there is an eagles bar in Munich?
  2. Will Chip succeed in a new HC job in the NFL?

    I believe he will adjust to the NFL. I do think the eagles can do just as well if they hire the right coaches, but to me the Eagles FO structure scares me and this is the biggest wild card - for the coaches who will want to come here, the talent evaluation (draft/FA). Too much smoke that there was Lurie's personal feelings/panick involved in this firing and that is not good..... see Robert Kraft success
  3. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    Is Mathis an upgrade from what we know about the folks we have today - YES! However I believe there may have been 2 issues at play here 1) Chip's ego/ need to show how much he values the culture he is trying to instill 2) Rosenhaus shenanigans. Mathis may have wanted what he is saying now and nothing more, who knows how Rosenhaus presented it? Will never happen, but best case scenario for the Eagles - Mathis fires Rosenhaus, comes back to Eagles. I think Chip has shown he is willing to pay for leadership & performance