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  1. Panthers will miss the playoffs. Colts will get in easily as they have zero competition in their division. Seahawks will get in via wildcard.
  2. I will be in the "gulch lot" (lot A) for the Falcons game. Feel free to message me if you end up in the same lot and want to setup nearby.
  3. I will be in the gulch lot as well. Seems the lots open 5 hours before kickoff, so I will be setting up with the wife around 2pm or so. Anyone that ends up in the gulch (lot A) feel free to message me if you want to setup nearby.
  4. I recently relocated to Atlanta. My plan is to tailgate in the "gulch" lot as this seems to be the best tailgate lot. It's just my wife and I so any eagles fans are more than welcome to stop by!
  5. Being that I recently relocated from S Jersey to Atlanta, my road game will be here Monday Night. Would love to tailgate with some other fans that are coming down for the game!