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  1. if you have a problem with "snitching" on someone who allegedly killed 3 people, you're either a sociopath or a moron. "serial killer Web definitions someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short" ^Anyone whose that close to being an alleged serial killer, go ahead and "snitch" away.
  2. Yes. Here's my question for everyone now, do we know which it was? No, we don't. We can assume he was involved based on everything we know, all im saying is a cleaning service for a millionare is not necessarily because theyre mopping up a murder. It isn't even confirmed it happened on the property. That's called circumstantial evidence. agree. But we don't know that.
  3. might want to look into this again. the media purposely left out segments of the tape to make it sound racially motivated, and bleached his skin whiter in photgraphs to create a sensationalist story. Then they used innocent pictures of Trayvon from years and years before the indicent when he was like 14 years old. SImilar to the cleaning service thing--> does this mean it 100% was NOT racial profiling? Not at all. It means the evidence that we have to go on does not at all make that a slam dunk. i dont disagree with any of this, this is exactly what i am saying. My point is, pointing to a cleaning service like that's some nail in the coffin is hilarious. How many millionares clean their own houses, seriously. I really can't see whats so absurd about that...that isn't good evidence. In correlation with other things its something you look into, obviously, but what are the odds that he didn't have a cleaning service for his house before this incident? No one has been able to answer that because they know the answer is, yes, he probably already had a cleaning service.
  4. you could really show me by responding to a single point i made, no one really has yet.
  5. "Even if?" You think its more likely this guy cleans his mansion himself? ok. and if they come more than once a week? again, you don't even know the murder happened at his house. There's also reports that he was shot at the place they found him. In fact, there's witnesses who said they heard gunshots at the facility where he was found. What exactly were they cleaning up if it didn;t happen at the house? You're already making an assumption that could render that entire thing irrelevant. next? I'm not saying it doens't look fishy with all the evidence, I'm saying that's a terrible thing to point to like its an admission of guilt. A MILLIONARE HAD A CLEANING SERVICE? WHAT?!?!! UNBELIEVEABLE! There's a reason he's brought up on obstruction of justice charges and not murder charges....the evidence isn't good enough. Sorry to explain to you thats the way our legal system works. Also just to throw out there, how likely is it that you're going to find a "professional" cleaning service to clean up a murder for you and keep their mouth shut within 24 hours? LOLOL is right.
  6. How? Seriously, the ony way is if he hired a one time cleanup crew that had never done it before. If he has a cleaning service to regularly clean his house, again, they're doing the same thing they do every other time they clean his house. That isn't weird in the slightest. That's obviously something you throw out unless you've got proof they cleaned up bloodstains or something. We don;t even know that a murder happened at his house. What if we find out the guy was killed off the property? You're going to look like a ****. Just like it was wrong to assume Zimmerman was racially profiling someone even though it seemed like that was the case.....its lousy evidence.
  7. I don't recall saying that wasn't unusual. I said people cleaning a millionares house for them is the norm. That's not weird, that's typical. YOu know that, that's why you didn't defend that and you brought up something I didn't say at all. In fact I said "not that all this evidence looks is a cleaning crew at a millionares house unusual?" lookin for a simple answer to that.
  8. yes, seriously... how is a cleaning crew at a millionares house unusual? Whats unusual is smashing cameras and dumping a dead body. Cleaning people? You know how many people had their houses cleaned today in a murder free house? Thats the worst evidence ive ever heard. What percent of millionares do you think clean their own houses?
  9. hes a millionare with a mansion, do you not think he has cleaning people? ****, my parents did and we lived in a 3 bedroom starter home. Not that all this evidence looks good, but a cleaning service going to a millionares house is hardly anything unusual. What if Monday was just their day to come?
  10. PHeagles36

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    The world you live in is distorted. You're still trying to save face in a thread from July 2012.....where not 1 person has your back and about 50 people have called you a moron. You can just let it die man, no one will remember you. Let the pain of ineptitude leave you. Let it go. Be free. July 2012. July 2012.
  11. i find it hard to believe this makes any difference..... AH is a local celebrity in the way that he's basically a running joke around here. Everyone knows him or has been to a party where he was there, and pretty much everyone thinks he's an a-hole. It's not like he's some god around here at all.
  12. Aaron Hernandez graduated HS the same year as I did and is from a very close area. Our FB squad had the pleasure of injuring his knee on a kickoff. Actually, it was our KICKER who injured his knee (practiced with LBs and STs too, but his position was K), and now that kicker is a police officer. So to come full circle....I hope our kicker also puts him in jail. Because he was a huge ****.
  13. PHeagles36

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    lion had no courage, tin man had no heart, billysims definitely has no brain.
  14. Nice av, bro. I'm sure you thoroughly enjoyed all of that success in the late '50s and early '60s.