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  1. LesGoEagles

    Anyone watching XFL?

    Not sure considering XFL guys make 35k a year and thats not even guaranteed, only if they are active game days. It seems the risk "concussions and injuries" will become an issue since 35k isn't paying many doctors bills if these guys are out of the league. I'm sure xfl has insurance etc but still. I see it as a separate league instead of feeder, maybe the odd guy here n there will get picked up, but for the most part I think teams will promote guys from their own PS before signing XFL guys.
  2. LesGoEagles

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    Damn..... I wonder if Howie inquired about Peters n what the cost was in draft pick if they didn't like any player on our roster
  3. Lol I was gonna say the same thing, Any Eagles fan has seen Kirk for a few years now. He's a stat collector. I forgot who it was, but a former player from the skins said as much, That Kirk Cousin gets his stats boosted in garbage time, and that while end of year will show he has good stats, he's not a a winner. He was a .500 qb in DC.. He's nearly a .500 QB in Min.. with 2 great receivers and a great defense..
  4. LesGoEagles

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    I agree with your statement, I don't wish injuries on anyone, and i know they're part of the game. I meant with the amount of money's he's made compared to his performance n track record, and then given opportunity after opportunity as an elite qb (18mil per year contract from eagles) ( 20 mil from cardinals)
  5. LesGoEagles

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    He is by far the biggest theif ever in the NFL.. Made a lot of money doing nothing.
  6. Could be, but tate is 30... and if he's looking for his one last big contract after the season, we won't overpay for a 30yr old receiver. I think Howie figures, worst case scenario he gave up 3rd round pick, and if tate walks we receive a 3rd or 4th in a compensatory pick. In that sense, its a breakeven move or lost one round, which is clearly a win win for us for a tate' caliber player. Nelson's issue the more i watch is, its not that he can't catch. He has great speed and catches everything IN FRONT of him (almost everything ok).. but with his speed, he can't burn someone on a consistent basis and track a ball and catch it over his head in stride. those are the ones I see him missing most. I would like to see Nelson n Tate run a short/medium n deep cross, for tate's underneath abilities, but also a deep cross gives nelson the benefit of lookin at the ball and catching it .
  7. Without the outside speed receiver, he's not breaking of lot runs as the slot guy or turning short passes into decent gains as we did last year. He still is getting the volume of catches this year, but the yards are minimal, that 5th year option i believe is 10+ million... in that sense he is not worth it, and maybe had on a cheaper deal as FA, but there is always some desperate team to overpay for the potential he has. If we had a young WR waiting in the wings to take over, i'd be all for it (No mack hollins is not it). But we already keep getting plug n play guys for the outside spot. So a stable slot receiver along side alshon n ertz will make for some stability for carson.