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  1. Report: Ray Lewis and Cris Carter out at ESPN

    Ray Lewis and Carter have kids that are in trouble. Ray Lewis's kid just got charged with rape. Robnail and I met Cris at a restaurant in Boca Raton in 2006 where we happened to go to lunch as well. He lives in Boca. He was to say the least very unfriendly and a real mean guy and we had Eagle Jersey's on . Never liked either and ESPN is just sucking wind now with the amount of people leaving them. If he can SPEAK actual English then yes otherwise NO!
  2. Owens by any measure was a great player and belongs in the HOF.
  3. Cowboys draft Ezekiel Elliott #4 overall

    Thank you cowpokes for NOT drafting JR. By the time Elliott gets good,..you will have no qb. I am not worried yeah he will get his yards but this is the NFL. At this level it is not that easy.
  4. A horrible horrible mock from Tommy one that makes no sense at all and lacks any real depth. Rather than draft a safety etc they should focus on O line, a RB, a WR and a LB as priority first.
  5. NFC East WILL Be Exciting Again...

    The Eagles have a complete makeover while the Giants have continuity. I would not be surprised one bit if the Eagles were last in the NFC EAST this year even with a better defense. We have O line concerns, concerns at wide receiver and of course a qb situation again with a new system in place. So, I do not have high hopes for this year but next year may be a whole different ball game. Plus even on defense, it will take a solid 4 games for players to settle down and truly understand what is being asked of them. It takes time for a team to gell together.
  6. Not unless they plan on getting him killed in that offense. Whoever they pick is in for a rude awakening. Trust me, in their hearts they both probably want to be Eagles.
  7. The only impact Maxwell makes is with air.
  8. The Eagles will sit at number 8 and if Lynch falls to them gladly take him. If it is Wentz that is good also. I do not know about Goff. Either way, I think one of the three will fall to the Eagles. We do not have to trade up or down for this to happen. No need to mortgage the future.
  9. Senseless violence does nothing but create sadness. To each of you this is why I say watch your words, thoughts and actions. If we respect each other, so many problems just vanish for ever. RIP Mr. Smith. A champion of so many good causes.
  10. He needs to catch the damn ball!
  11. How does a starting left tackle miss only ONE snap in 10 years????? Just wow. Salute to a great player. Enjoy your life now. Ferguson, the fourth overall pick in 2006, has no known injury issues. Not only did he play every game in 10 seasons -- 167 consecutive starts, including playoffs -- but he also never missed a practice and never appeared on an injury report. In fact, Ferguson missed only one offensive snap in 10 years, and that was a trick play when the entire offensive line was removed. http://deadspin.com/jets-tackle-dbrickashaw-ferguson-who-missed-one-snap-i-1769839598
  12. [News] WR Seantavius Jones Released

    Never heard of the poor dude.
  13. [News] Fan-Demonium: Cornering The Market

    Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor made it look so easy.
  14. The Broncos only have like 2.5 million left,...wonder what black magic they come up with for the numbers. This also means that Chip will draft Goff now.