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  1. Last night in the province of San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines...a place where few, if any, know what football is or where Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is...my kids sang The Eagles Fight Song during the fiesta's Kids Got Talent competition... Most of the kids (ages 12 and under) in this competition were dancing...as there were no microphones available...but my little ones, shouted that song for the 500 folks observing to hear :) They placed second...won 200 pesos (that's about $4 USA)...
  2. honestly, who saw it?

    I turned the game off with the score 28-9...after the Falcons recovered the Patriots onside kick...I went out to lunch, came back to our hotel and actually did see the Patriots receiving the game winning trophy... who actually stayed tuned and watched that Patriots comeback? TV rating had to have tanked for that fantastic finish... I have to wonder, was the fix in? were there some crazy call favoring the Patriots? how the heck did that comeback happen? the Falcons dominated the game to the point I turned it off...and with that missed extra point and onside kick failure...how could the Falcons lose?
  3. Vikings on a slide?

    I think the Eagles will finish with a better record than the Vikings...kinda funny how that situation is playing out for the Eagles, funny good!!!
  4. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    I liked that Jason Peters stood like a man and put his hand on his heart...that is a true team leader right there!!!
  5. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    that was a prayer, the bible says we are supposed to pray for our enemies!!! now, that is some sarcasm...for the record... but an example of an interpretation of the bible, that one could take...just as some morons think its that their interpretation of their God given rights is to protest during the National Anthem... I pray someone takes a big nasty dump on your grand parents grave (more sarcasm, for the record of course)
  6. Dave, I have a favor to ask of you...and I am adding a please...to my request...please post my request in the Eagles locker room for Malcolm Jenkins to read... Jenkins is the one who does not understand the military colors ceremony that is part of the National Anthem... Dear Malcolm, Protest all you want but when colors are presented...if you are American...you respect the presentation...you stand at attention...you take your hat/helmet off...put your hand on your heart...stop talking to your buddies...stop blowing bubbles and spitting chewing tobacco...and sing along/mouth the words or stay silent...until the colors are retired... then go ahead, protest all you want...but NOT during colors!!! please Malcolm...do not disrespect the colors of the United States of America...thank you for your attention to this matter... respectfully, Daniel Stephen Boyer USN Veteran my request is based on the following article on ESPN: http://www.espn.com/blog/philadelphia-eagles/post/_/id/18474/eagles-players-not-in-lock-step-on-plans-for-national-anthem
  7. What NFCE qb has the best game week #1?

    it would be nice if you put the teams they were playing against...if you are gonna ask a question like this... maybe state what the defenses were of those teams...like how they ranked last year...and what improvements were made... then, we could have a discussion, without having to do YOUR reseach...since you started the topic...
  8. don't wish injury on Tony Romo...he has to be the most likable player on the team I hate the most... but the by-product of this injury...will amount to Eagles gaining ground in the NFC East!!!
  9. Lack of love for the Eagles...

    gotta ask, what did you enjoy more about the win last night...the Green-Beckham TD or the Josh Huff TD? might be preseason but I really enjoyed the game last night...flashes of wonderful things to come :)
  10. Lack of love for the Eagles...

    1) DP may be a first year HC...but he has been in the NFL coaching...he is NOT coming from college football...stew on that for a bit... 2) The Eagles have a DC with tons of NFL experience...including a stint at HC...stew on that a bit more... I think those 2 comments notes...should cover your concerns 1 thru 3... 3) this team has some serious talent... a) Jason Peters may be long in tooth...but take him out of CK offense...and he is back to being arguably the best LT in the NFL... b) Fletcher Cox...arguably the best DT in the NFL... c) Hicks @ MLB...call him one of the best in the NFL with an IF...because he has injury concerns...but before injury, I do not think there is another mlb in the NFL I would rather have @ MLB in the Eagles defense... d) what the heck, let's mention Jim Schwartz again...because, well...he is worth mention again!!! e) please do not ask me to go down the list of the entire roster, believe you me...there be some serious talent on this team!!!
  11. Sometimes I wonder what in the world people are looking at...when they see the 2016 Eagles with a losing record... Everyone talks about time of possession as an important stat...for winning football games...yet few folks look at the Chip Kelly error regarding time of possession...and what it did to the Eagles... I believe Chip Kelly killed the 2015 Eagles defense...and I believe the Jim Schwartz will lead the 2016 Eagles defense to one of the best performing defenses Eagles fans will have seen since Jim Johnson was at the helm... I am not the only one that believes, the Chip Kelly style of football...hurt his own players...players such as Jason Peters has spoken out about it...suddenly, Cary Williams might not be the cry baby some eagles fans made him out to be... I can't wait for this season to start...and see the reactions from folks when the Eagles start winning games...a lot of games...like playoff path amount of games!!!
  12. shocking moves seem to be endless in 2016... WR Dorial Green-Beckham...seriously...without giving up even a conditional draft pick...just flat out amazing!!! The Titans GM must be Howie's best friend...the Murray deal was nice but this DGB deal tops that one... The deal Howie cut with the Dolphins...clearly there are GM's in this league that are willing to work with Howie... A little concerned he might have made the GM's in Miami and Tennessee look bad... But, with the ability to keep players like Cox and Lane (can't fault Howie for Lane's issues)...Howie is showing he can work with players agents too...getting core guys signed before they hit the franchise tag dilemma... Some felt signing Bradford was foolish because they drafted Wentz...I am not in that group, I like how Howie has prioritized the QB position...especially because as proven with the Wentz injury...Eagles are not stuck...now that Wentz is injured...in fact, they plow into the 2016 season without a hitch...because Bradford AND Daniel are on board... I was truly puzzled when Howie was stripped of his powers...but not fired...now, I think Jeffrey Lurie is a genius!!!
  13. favorite NFL game you remember?

    November 22, 1992 a come-from-behind 47–34 win over the New York Giants at the Meadowlands (which included a Vai Sikahema punt return for a touchdown and his iconic boxing with the padding at the base of the goal posts)... attended a Penn State game the day before (with my father and uncle)...and a Nets game immediately after the Eagles beat the Giants... I attended this game with friends including the brother (Lee Holmes) of former heavyweight champion of the world Larry Holmes... best sports weekend ever!!!
  14. NFC East WILL Be Exciting Again...

    I agree, a healthy Dez is huge for Dallas but just having Romo back with or without a 100 percent Dez, is enough to boast Dallas... CK had a rough time with Dallas...I am looking forward to see what this revamped Eagles team can do vs Dallas... Give me 2 wins vs Dallas...and the Eagles can go 2-14 and i am happy!!!
  15. I love the Redskins signing Josh Norman...it makes the whole NFC East more exciting to watch...Norman vs Beckham and Bryant...worth the price of admission... It will kill the Redskins in future years for sure and makes 2016 more exciting... The question, were the Redskins really in enough of a win now mode to throw that kind of money away? regardless, it sure adds to the NFC East...