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  1. dungaroo

    Richard Sherman lands in San Francisco

    They will be good next season.
  2. dungaroo

    Name A Team We Can't Beat

    No way you're an Eagles fan. Get out of here imposter.
  3. dungaroo

    Name A Team We Can't Beat

    I believe the Eagles can beat anyone right now if mistakes are minimal. Nigel Bradham has really impressed me. If he and Michael Kendricks keep it up, we will be really dangerous down the line. I like what I'm seeing right now. Time to also let Blount loose. I'd like to see him start laying a few licks on defenders when they try to tackle him.
  4. Great game. Great win! Wishing that you had a blast!!!!
  5. Just be sure to enjoy the tailgating in the lots. I'll be down there for that game as well tailgating. Get there no later than 9am because those 4 hours will go quick.
  6. dungaroo

    Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    Hunt wasn't playing the Eagles D. If he torches us, then we can revisit this thread.
  7. To fear the Linc, they'd have to put a courtroom in the basement like the Vet. People need a reason to act a fool.
  8. That perky girl sure has a lot of bounce in her step!

  9. What you lookin at? LOL

  10. Dung, you've got to tell me where you got that avatar. she haunts me!