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  1. I think the replacement for an onsides kick attempt is having the option to try and convert a single offensive play for a 15 yard gain to keep possession. Not saying I like the idea, but it would be a viable option to getting the ball back when down by two or more scores late.
  2. Dez to be released

    Now official per NFL app and website.
  3. Pats trade Cooks and a 4th round pick to the Rams for 1st and 6th round picks.
  4. Gronk On The Trade Block??

    He played in Super Bowl 49.
  5. OBJ being sued for assault

    Not taking sides here, but as long as the link to the article is included in the post, the the article can be displayed as well.

    One of the biggest reasons I hated that we lost the 08 NFCCG. I knew Dallas fans were going to be beyond sick that we were either getting our first, or Pittsburgh was going to pass them for Super Bowl supremacy. Years ago before I was a member on these boards, I used to post in a Yahoo NFL chat room. Same place I originally met that guy Bang, who used to post his cartoons in here many years ago. I know back then, Dallas fans used to say they didn't want San Fran getting their 6th ring before they did, so I know Pitt winning 6 had to make them sick.
  7. OBJ in a video with pizza, a blunt and cocaine

    I’m assuming that’s a comical autocorrect.
  8. Sam Bradford to Cardinals: 1 year/$20 Million

    I love the upcoming headline: McDaniels and Colts agree to- sh#t, nevermind.
  9. Jets aquire the #3 overall pick by sending Indy the 37th, and 49th overall picks as well as a 2019 2nd round pick.
  10. Everyone, please be seated as I don’t want the shock of what I’m about to say cause anyone to collapse causing injury. I’ll put this in spoiler tags to give everyone sufficient time to find safety. You're welcome.
  11. Superstars signing with a division rival.

    Good one with Trotter.
  12. Superstars signing with a division rival.

    Well, that's true lol. Still always hated playing them. Even when they were bad, they always gave us fits. I'll never forget the 01 home game, that bastid Mar'tay Jenkins.
  13. Superstars signing with a division rival.

    I think he was 2 years away from qualifying. He left Dallas in 03, 2 years after they were no longer a division rival.