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  1. EagleJoe8

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I don’t recall a stated reason Rstarter quit, but I’m pretty sure he was supportive of players kneeling. I always assumed he quit over the butthurt of Foles playing a big part in us winning the Super Bowl.
  2. EagleJoe8

    When the Eagles were chasing a playoff berth in 2008...

    The 44-6 game? That was at the Linc. I was at that game.
  3. EagleJoe8

    When the Eagles were chasing a playoff berth in 2008...

    I remember that day well. I was sitting in my seat waiting for the game to begin. Merrill and Mike had already started broadcasting and Merrill started doing play by play of the Raiders/Bucs game. Of course many came to their seats late after watching the end of that game.
  4. I wish I could say Lewis, but until Mike Brown actually does it, I can’t say him. Drafting Mahommes may have bought Ried a few more years. Since this will be his first true season playing, I would say Reid is safe for 2018. 2019, his seat may warm up a bit. Garrett doesn’t deserve his job, but maybe Jones really does like having a puppet. He’s been the HC since mid 2010. A lot longer than he’s deserved to stick around. Maybe Bill O’Brien if the Texans don’t get back to the playoffs?
  5. EagleJoe8

    Most Hated Franchises

    I’ve always wanted an all PA Super Bowl. I’d be ok beating Pitt for another one. I did want to beat the Pats though because of their current status and because they were the defending champions.
  6. EagleJoe8

    Most Hated Franchises

    Never hated the Pats, but I am very happy we got our first beating them as opposed to Jacksonville, or any of the other 2017 AFC playoff teams.
  7. EagleJoe8

    Andrew Luck

    Leaving injuries out of the equation for a moment, I wouldn’t consider Luck as bad or a bust by any means, but I also don’t think he ever quite lived up to his billing prior to getting drafted where he seemed to get talked about as a can’t miss phenom.
  8. EagleJoe8

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Sounds like a classic case of "I'm taking my ball and going home!"
  9. EagleJoe8

    Ben Doesn't Know Why Steelers Went QB

    While you’re at it, stop by Bobby’s house. There’s a few things he still needs explained, and hand puppets are the one thing not yet tried.
  10. EagleJoe8

    Jason Witten Announces Retirement

    Per NFL app, Witten made it official he’s retiring.
  11. EagleJoe8

    Jason Witten Announces Retirement

    He wasn't what he was, but still, seemed like a good dude, and I'd rather he not be playing for Dallas anymore.
  12. I think the replacement for an onsides kick attempt is having the option to try and convert a single offensive play for a 15 yard gain to keep possession. Not saying I like the idea, but it would be a viable option to getting the ball back when down by two or more scores late.
  13. EagleJoe8

    Dez to be released

    Now official per NFL app and website.
  14. Pats trade Cooks and a 4th round pick to the Rams for 1st and 6th round picks.
  15. EagleJoe8

    Gronk On The Trade Block??

    He played in Super Bowl 49.