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  1. My take on how it went down in 2015... and I think it's obvious when looking at the history or position priority and cap management and the need for Lurie to protect Howie. Lurie: Hey Howie, since we aren't really a contender at the moment and haven't been since 2004, and I don't really like the direction we have taken for the last decade... lets give control to Chip for a year. He will look to get rid of some of these players that I don't really want to pay these huge cap hits going forward, he can take the blame, then you can come back next year and take over. Just make sure any player he signs, that we can get out of the contract without any serious dead money Howie: Sounds good. I agree, this group hasn't won us squat, but there are some fan favorites that I had to overpay, because Joe Banner was so cheap to give them decent contracts in the first place,and those HUGE cap hits are coming up. Let Chip get rid of these guys and hang himself. This will take away any notice of how I goofed by having these contracts blow up all at the same time. We aren't going anywhere without a legit franchise QB anyway, and we need to draft him, so i will take time to actually be a true contender anyway. I'll make sure to write any contract for Chip's new guys in a way we can get out of it. Then we can use the excuse that "I needed to clean up the mess Chip made all by himself", and it will give the young QB and chance to play without any pressure to win anything right away as we build the team around him. I'm good with it all .. .because at this point, DeSean, Maclin, McCoy...etc ... would have been about $70 mil of cap space... prior to even going into this year. That's if you consider DeSean & LeSean staying in their current deals (only a fool would think they would have redone them to take less pay) and if we had to offer the same $$ KC did to sign Maclin. The team was going nowhere and needed to be blown up, who gets blamed for it is irrelevant, I'm only concerned with Howie and Co. building it the right way now! You should write fairy tales. You have such a great imagination! McCoy could have been traded for draft picks instead of Kiko who was worthless. Jackson was let go with no compensation...? smh... But look at all the money we saved!