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  1. greend

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    Agree Sorry to hear this, hopefully it will be short lived and you will be back to work quickly
  2. greend

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    stopped paying attention to your post here.
  3. greend

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    nope, be smart, but don't listen to the media
  4. Thanks I've always heard shoulder pad Sean was a shorty but wanted confirmation
  5. greend

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    Cowboys are always a threat to their spouses or girlfriends
  6. greend


    They are still considered "America's Team" so I hate them even more now than I did then, because now they deserve that title even less.
  7. greend

    Tom Brady

    Appreciate the advice, that's what I love about this place. There's always an expert on something hanging around.
  8. greend

    Tom Brady

    I've tried and tried with no luck. On a side note, what is a restraining order?
  9. greend

    Tom Brady

    No it really isn't
  10. Internet clicks don't matter to me. If you'll read the article, I'll email it to you. Getting our record correct is my motivation. This project began w/my Dallas loving brother-in-law congratulating me for our first Super Bowl. It was followed with "you just need 4 more" [to be among the elite. At which point], I educated him about our previous 3 NFL titles. I further told him that the NFL is the only major sport, including golf and tennis, that wiped the slate clean in a well established league with 16 teams prior to the AFL merger. MLB had 16 teams in 1960, the Flyers title was in a 16 team NHL and Sixers '60's title occurred in a 10 team NBA. Those titles made me a lot Philly fans very happy, as did those 3 "who cares" titles.