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  1. Just 1 Super Bowl before I die

  2. we have a puerto rican as our defensive mastermind. enough said!

  3. lol never mind, thought you just said something just now because of my post

  4. eaglesguru

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    when did shanny get inducted into the hall? skins are not going from 4-12 to a 10 plus win, playoff team.. optimistic or not.. mcnabb is still mcnabb, the skins still have a rookie tackle whos overrated imo, old RB's below average WR's and a TE coming of injury, add in the fact theyre switching to a 3-4 and did i mention snyder still owns the team?
  5. Can't wait to get this regular season started!

  6. hey man you ready for some football?

  7. Hey I didnt see your message until now, where you watching the game sunday?

  8. Whats up..Eagles fan here in North Myrtle Beach.

  9. not much, man. been pretty busy. got a promotion at work and have been up to my knees in new responsibilities. doesn't help that on sundays i spend the rest of my day or night drowning my sorrows thanks to the eagles. :'(

  10. hey my dude! long time no speak, whats been good?

  11. check your topic, i left you soom links