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  1. He should be he's got more experience than Wentz at the NFL level. I'll take brains over brawn every time. Wentz has good mobility too, so he comes out ahead in my eyes.
  2. Maybe there were a few that Andy wanted to keep ( Foles said in his very first pc upon returning) that the Chiefs wanted to retain him. However, Dorsey obviously disagreed and wouldn't pick up his option year. Now he is gone And you can't help but wonder if some of his decisions in this off season had a lot to do with his being let go. Since they are looking for a new GM, it doesn't appear to me that Andy will be handling both positions.
  3. Happy to have Jason extended for another season. One of my favorite Eagles players of all time. Congrats Jason well deserved extension.
  4. I've seen many owners come and go in respects to the Eagles. Mr Lurie gets alot of grief as the owner . But he has been the most caring and giving of them all. He not only cares about the team, wanting to bring a championship title to the city of Philadelphia . But he also cares deeply for the children in the community. The play ground builds have been one of my favorite events to look forward to each season. And enjoyable environment for play period, rejuvenates and stimulates the wanting to learn.
  5. The year they got signed by the Eagles, I imagine. The year they were in the draft.
  6. It would be nice if we could have the first pick in every round to get all the top talent in the draft , every draft. That is not reality . As it turned out we did manage to fill every need. With exceptionally talented and productive players throughout their college careers. Not just having one good season. As has been the case many times with former draft picks. These kids have had sustained production every year. I'm excited ,and looking forward to what they offer at this level. Hopefully they will be just as productive at this level for a long time. As for not getting a 20 carry RB, Doug never runs the ball that many times in a game. If the O line blocks properly Sproles, Smallwood, and now Pumphrey can get those small yards to keep the chains moving. Maybe next years draft will have a bigger bruising type RB that this one didn't allow us to get. Rome wasn't built in a day people.
  7. Was beginning to wonder where this was Eagle related .Took awhile but finally did see the connection.
  8. I do, and I really don't care how people rate our draft. It's just that they seem to be basing our entire draft on just one player (who isn't able to play from the very start.) In doing so they are under evaluating the rest of the guys we drafted .Who are very talented and have had great college careers.
  9. Seems like most of the so called expert analyst are grading our draft based on Jone's full recovery. Bleacher report gave us a C- . Not surprised ! They seem to have very little respect for the Eagles organization for some reason.
  10. Sorry that you had suffered the injury when you competed in your sport. But glad you have had a full recovery and have had no after effects. I agree they took a wise risk. Just listening to the kid in this phone conversation, you get the impression right off that he's a good kid, smart, and a hard worker who wants to be a success at the next level . I doubt they would have taken the risk had a lot of the intangibles not been a part of the decision...such as the work ethic, humility, determination to succeed at each level of the sport. Along with a positive outlook medical report from the Dr. who performed the surgery. Looking forward to seeing this kid play once he is fully healthy and cleared to do so. In the mean time the mental part of the game will be what he focus's on and will benefit him once he is ready to get on the field.
  11. If your D line is as good as this one is shaping up to be. Cox, Graham, Long , Jerrnigan and now Barnett than your secondary shouldn't be a concern. Because the QB isn't going to have time to throw to cause them to be a concern.
  12. From an article I read on how the schedule is created. It is spit out in dozens of scenarios by a computer in Europe. Then those who decide on the schedule have to figure in other activities going on in each city that there is a team when making the final schedule . So it's not as simple as you may think. In fact many of the requests that were presented to the leagues by teams once the schedule (without dates) was made public , were granted. Such as the Eagles games this season on the west coast. Getting to stay over rather than have to fly back each time they play a west coast team.
  13. They just did this one so the announcers could go on and on about throwing snowballs at Santa. We know they won't pass up the opportunity to mention it repeatedly.
  14. Luck had zero to do with it.Our FO saw a franchise QB and made the moves to get him.Let's hope that continues It's not often you find one team who is willing to make a trade with you to go get your guy, much less two. So I agree with EOT that there was indeed luck in that aspect of our getting our franchise QB.
  15. Only time will tell what transpires in the future regarding McGloin and the Eagles. But If Daniel can get picked up with little to no game experience . Than there is little doubt in my mind that so can McGloin if an opportunity presents itself.