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  1. NYEagle

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Great week for the Eagles.....they went from basically a 14% chance for the playoffs if they lost, to beating Green Bay with Dallas, Rams, Vikings, Lions, Falcons all losing and being 1 game out of the best record in the NFC. Weird week for sure!! That being said, they better f'ing start getting healthy quick. Beat the Jets...sure...but the 3 road games after....need to go 2-1 in those. I'd take 5-3 with the injuries and schedule at the halfway point.
  2. NYEagle

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    I think it is very funny and entertaining in Jerry World!!
  3. Correct, growing up in Center City, there are not 6 person homes!! They are apartments and hotels.....I mean if he can find an apartment in Center City on Air B and B that can hold 6 people...it is probably going to be VERY expensive. But Rittenhouse and Old City are the best/nicest areas.
  4. NYEagle

    Encino Home Of Rams Coach Sean McVay Hit By Burglars

    Might have been trying to steal this......
  5. NYEagle

    Dis Barr'd

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001022179/article/anthony-barr-agrees-to-stay-with-minnesota-vikings That's cold!!
  6. NYEagle

    Rams chances of contending in 2019

    I think it's safe to say Sean wins "something"
  7. NYEagle

    Rams chances of contending in 2019

    I still can't get over McVay's wife!!! lmao
  8. NYEagle

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    All I have to say is thank god I don't have all that money....I'd definitely end up on the news!! LMAO
  9. NYEagle

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    I really can't blame him for being outcoached, if I had this at home, my head would be somewhere else too!!
  10. NYEagle

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Veronika Khomyn? Whew...and I thought my GF had a great body..damn!
  11. Dude...you really came here asking this? Go get like 50,000 friends and become Rams fans so you can actually fill a stadium.
  12. Took my kids (with GF) yesterday....must have been my kids because the GF and I went to the opener vs. Atlanta lol Was my daughters first game....sucked they had to witness that travesty but it was wonderful walking out with them with a drunk saying the Eagles sucked D today. Was like...dood!! Come on!
  13. How bout them Eagles..