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  1. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    New location for 2017+ seasons: Ladybirds 5519 Allen St, Houston, TX 77007 Check our facebook page out for details
  2. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Staring at the clock, waiting for Sunday. Green Bay looks good. 20 weeks until we see them in the NFCCG... & I'm doing Tuesday night's game if anyone wants to grab a beer.
  3. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I'll go to that one then...
  4. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    ^^^ Wish I had seen your post before I went over there last night. It was me, Teak, Evan, and some NO/PHI fan that I can't remember a name. Left at the end of the 1st...
  5. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Just the FNG, so far...
  6. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Sorry for the late reply on this. I forgot I posted it up here. I'm a Media, DELCO guy originally. I had been trying to get down to Htown for a while, but didn't get a solid position until February. All of the others were shorter contract jobs. I came down to the Texans-Philly opener a few years back, so I know Jakes and met some of the fans here :) I'm in. I'll be the tall goateed Polack in a throwback Celek jersey.
  7. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Hey all. Houston noob here. Is Jakes still the place to go for the games? If there's a season, of course...
  8. wresneski

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Gents: It was a pleasure to meet the Houston, Dallas, and Orlando Eagles' nests tonight. We had a blast at Jakes. Thanks for putting it together! We'll see all of you in the Maroon lot tomorrow! Rich - White 93 Super Bowl Eagles Jersey Susan - All Black Westbrook Jersey Ed - Dallas Sucks TO Swallows T-shirt Thanks again! Rich PS I want that bowling shirt Randall!