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  1. curtm

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Refs came to play!
  2. curtm

    AFC Divisional: Colts @ Chiefs.

    Refs really like being part of the show!
  3. curtm

    Week 7: Giants @ Falcons

    I tried to watch, but the entire crew, especially Booger and his silly Booger Mobile is just awful.
  4. curtm

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Oh god, I'm gonna have to look at kissy face Payton and the freakin Saints again next week.....they are so lucky!
  5. curtm

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Oh boy, getting nervous the NFL will want the Vikings to be the first team to play in SB in their own stadium. Eagles will need to beat the Refs again next week too! This might be the first time the Saints aren't getting all the calls.
  6. curtm

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    It seems as though I have no clue what the rules are in professional football anymore. The quaterback gets jacked up by one defensive player and fumbles the ball, but in today's game it's not a fumble? Watching the NFL is very frustrating, especially if it's your favorite team.
  7. curtm

    Week 1: Chargers @ Broncos

    Can't hear Rex, cause he's busy lickin her feet I can't even watch it, it's terrible.