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  1. seriously, or just take a knee yourself and stop wasting everybody's time right?
  2. Two Eagles made/confirmed the call at some point during the process. Maragos said it twice and Maxwell said it once. Two refs were involved with confirming the call. This coin toss was anything but clear. Just looking at the body language of everyone out there tells you there was confusion. I like that little look Maxwell gives Maragos. If that was normal to make the call and then have to confirm it while the coin is in the air to a second ref then we would have coin toss do overs whenever players change the call in the air. People say Maragos confirmed his tails call with a tweet after the game. The fact that Maragos tweeted "Tails never fails" after the game could just as easily mean that there was confusion. He would never admit if he said heads because that would be showing up the refs. Witten was all alone and possibly scared out there facing three Eagles which is why he had his helmet on(speculation). He may not have heard anything. People think this is all about cowboys fans complaining, and some are, but it is really just interesting to anyone if in fact there was a mistake made.
  3. going to take a doodad