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  1. bobeph

    Wentz > Dak

    Yeah, that one play was working for them. Never understand when coaches abandon something that is working. Like running the F in' ball! ????
  2. bobeph

    Wentz > Dak

    Bahahaha!! I was complaining all halftime to my son about them not running the ball. So I called Doug on the Batphone and told him that if he doesn't start running the ball, I'm gonna wreck his sheet machine when he steps off the plane in Philly. At least he makes better adjustments at halftime than fat Andy ever did.
  3. bobeph

    Wentz > Dak

    Eagles actually ran for 215.
  4. Why no option for "OP is a ****ot?" poll fail
  5. bobeph

    Andy gets extended

    It's @probably going to be a repeat of his tenure in Philly.
  6. bobeph

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    F yeah, Holmes! We're going to the SB this year. What's happening, Ball breath?
  7. bobeph

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    You order your inflatable Dak yet, XXL?
  8. hey dipshit remember me? eagirls still suck ;-):whistle:

  9. bobeph

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Just an fyi.....DC was voted as America's gayest city. See for details. Took the gay title from Than Franthithco. Just putting it out there. Your owner is gay. GAY!
  10. that's great. now suck my deek.

  11. We got ukn' business, you little punk arse?! I will beat your ukn' face in!

  12. you no show punk a**!