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  1. cowboy30

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    Can’t stand the 9ers. Love how all their fans came out this year and already crowned themselves Super Bowl champs! Several of them are my friends, ugh. How is it that San Fran goes from one Super Bowl visit, to sucking, and now back in the mix that quickly?? I know I’m just bitter, but gosh! For most of the year, the team seemed overrated at times. I want to see Rodgers vs. Mahomes. If not, I hope the Chiefs destroy the 49ers in the Super Bowl.
  2. cowboy30

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Titans have won 4 in a row against the Chiefs! That’s said, should be like 34-23 Chiefs.
  3. cowboy30

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Yep, that’s what I meant!!
  4. cowboy30

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Packers gotta be one of the worst 13-3 team in the division. Rodgers hasn’t even played well. That defense has played pretty darn good, but have also played a pretty easy schedule. I mean, who goes down 17-3 against the Lions in a must win game. What I’m liking more is that Jerry is actually letting McCarthy hire his own guys. Tomsula is in as DL coach and Philbin is in as OC coach.
  5. cowboy30

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    1) Pederson 2a) 2b) McCarthy/Rivera 4) Judge So I pretty much agree with you. Rivera and McCarthy seem like a toss up. Now with Garrett being linked to NYG again, it almost feels like this is their way of having Garrett take over when Judge doesn’t pan out.
  6. cowboy30

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    How do you guys rank the NFCE coaching changes?? I don’t mind McCarthy, but I do feel like Rodgers carried him. But that might be also said for Brees carrying Sean Payton and Wilson carrying Pete Carol. Mike is better than Garrett, but I do hope he’s given a short leash. Any hire at this point is a gamble. I’m somewhat happy, yet terrified that Mike McCarthy decided to lock himself up in his garage and study football for a year, including analytics I believe.
  7. cowboy30

    Week 16 Open Discussion.

    Dallas sucks!!! At least Garrett is gone. But I always enjoy making the playoffs even if there is a 0% chance of winning a super bowl. Playoffs are always fun. Of course Eagles could lose and Dallas win next week lol.
  8. cowboy30

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    It’s painful. I feel your guys’ pain. Dallas and Philly will probably tie in a few weeks.
  9. cowboy30

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Can the Eagles win some games and put the Cowboys out of their misery???? Embarrassing....
  10. cowboy30

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    It’s about time we lose like this!! Time to fire Garrett now or end of the season!! Hahahaha
  11. cowboy30

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    Fire Garrett!! Even though it’s Dak blowing this game right now!!
  12. cowboy30

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    5 losses by combined 22 points. I think Eagles edge out the division. Afraid that if Cowboys win it, Jerry will give Garrett another year... Garrett out and in NY would be amazing.
  13. cowboy30

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    Dallas needs to go 1-1 in these next 5 days...2-0 with an Eagles loss has a chance to really grab hold of the division..
  14. Can Dak win a big game on the road this weekend???? Doubt it....😕
  15. cowboy30

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Dak was tearing them apart! I wanted them to run it on 2nd and 2, but then they did it again on 3rd and 2. Dumb dumb dumb...coming down week 16 for sure.