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  1. 2017 ESPN Playoff Machine

    According to what I've done here, the Eagles will falter a bit and finish with the 3rd seed. Dallas sneaks into the playoffs with the 6th seed. With Lee, Smith, and Zeke all ready to go they upset the Eagles 27-24 and cause a riot in Philadelphia.
  2. If the Cowboy's DBs could catch like the Eagles DBs, we could've kicked another FG before half to go up 12-7 and end up losing 37-12.
  3. Let's have the Eagles break that 10 year playoff drought without a win before you start talking about our 3 wins. It's going to be.....10.....years. It's really 9, but a decade sounds better.
  4. So Goodell wanted Jerry's approval for an extension. Goodell told Jerry there was no evidence on Zeke and that Zeke would not be suspended. Zeke got suspended anyway. This lead to my favorite quote by Jerry: "I'm gonna come after you with everything I have," Jones said. Then he mentioned Deflategate. "If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to what I'm going to do."
  5. Sean Lee likely to miss next two weeks

    Smith is out. Off topic, but funny how there's an actual video of Landry pushing his g/f and slapping her, but he's not a Cowboy so don't give him any type of suspension.
  6. Week 11 Schedule Good Wentz vs Prescott article. Basically, just shut up and enjoy the two. They're both good. Wentz does look like the better QB right now, but only time will tell.
  7. Sean Lee likely to miss next two weeks

    Me too. Just worried about Smith's back longer term and once again I'll be worried about Lee after he had stayed pretty healthy for a few years. But we definitely seem like a playoff team/division contender. Gotta have another solid draft.
  8. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Yea it just kills me to know all week the coaching staff had time to put a contingency plan in place if Green struggled (knowing full well that Smith was out) and they simply didn't. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Green shouldn't have been left alone after the 2nd-3rd sack. I was baffled.
  9. Sean Lee likely to miss next two weeks

    Kind of going to be fun watching the Cowboys with low expectations. Now maybe they'll surprise instead of disappoint.
  10. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Yea you're a little off on that one. They've had major injuries. Our coaching just sucks and we rely on people to carry one side of the ball, just like we did with Romo for so long. No Lee, defense is average. No Smith and Zeke.....we score 7 points. Glad he's just going to get it over with. We're not going anywhere without some of our key guys.
  11. NFC Final Eagles vs Saints

    I think Carolina somehow turns it around if that defense stays healthy. It's weird they got rid of Benjamin, so that hurts them a bit offensively. Just seems like a team that would turn it around and beat Philly, even though Philly owned them a few weeks ago. I'd easily pick the Eagles to beat the Saints though. Seattle is an interesting one. They can't run and now won't have Sherman. I think I'd pick Philly in that one too.
  12. Sean Lee likely to miss next two weeks

    Interesting fact. Dallas has been called for holding so many times this season, yet there hasn't been a holding call on the opponent's offensive line in 26 quarters. Kind of weird. Not an excuse, because this team isn't good enough to win a SB and now not a playoff team either....but I wonder if Jerry dug himself into a little hole here. Not big on conspiracies, but maybe there will be a little bias against the Cowboys. Although Eagle fans here will say it's always been in our favor.
  13. Week 10: Dolphins @ Panthers

    I thought you guys used to have Kiko and he was good? He looks like garbage out there today. Looks terrible.
  14. You guys sure you want JJ ousted from the Cowboys? We might actually win another Super Bowl when he's gone.
  15. Is the Cowboys defense good?

    This defense is the same Dallas defense as always. Bipolar. They look like one of the best at times (mostly when Lee is in and healthy) and they look like the 32nd ranked defense in the league.