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  1. cowboy30

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    Probably right about the Cowboys, but I’m a homer so I’ll say... Bears out/Packers in Seahawks out/Falcons in Ravens out/Browns in Texans out/Titans in Here’s my big one! Chiefs out/Raiders in!!
  2. Looked like Lebron James to me.
  3. While all of that probably didn’t help, it seems like it runs in the family. Killed his dad at 51.
  4. cowboy30

    Browns sign Hunt

    Zeke gets 6 and Hunt get 8. One had video proof and the other did not. Cool.
  5. cowboy30

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Man, if I'm the Giants next season, I'm splitting Barkley's carries. I know they won't, but it'd be smart to cut his workload until Giants find a QB and build a team that can compete for the division/playoffs... That's my biggest fear with Zeke. Wasting his years away, so if they have find a true QB, Zeke will have been run to the ground.
  6. cowboy30

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Raiders fans are so excited. I’m just confused as to why! He’ll most likely be the highest paid WR in the league at age 31. Raiders are 3rd best in the division. Guess you can make a case for 4th. Will they even make the playoff during AB’s time there?
  7. cowboy30

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Ohhhh nooo! Troublemakers who like weed!!! How could they be so horrible!? Theyre just idiots. And addicts.
  8. cowboy30

    Randy Gregory suspended indefinitely

    You finally think you got a DL, but 2/3 of them are complete idiots!! Looks like DL will be the focus of our draft starting day 2.
  9. cowboy30

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    I thought ignorance wasn't an excuse to break the law? Or I guess that just applies to us common folk, lol...
  10. cowboy30

    Browns sign Hunt

    I believe the early indication is he'll get suspended 12 games.
  11. cowboy30

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    Seems like a perfect league for Jason Garrett. Hopefully he’s a coach in the AAF next year!
  12. cowboy30

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    Gonna try and become a San Antonio fan. Maybe they’ll win something before the Cowboys...I know XFL said they really weren’t wanting players to go to the NFL and they’re not a developmental league. What about these guys?
  13. Agreed. Not with Jerry and Garrett around.
  14. Wentz hasn’t won crap, but Foles carried him to a ring! And don’t lie, because if this happened to any other QB in the division, you’d be saying the same thing.
  15. cowboy30

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    I would think about that, but maybe make each team go for a 2 point conversion. Say it was 41-41. Obviously no defense, so you would want to see both offenses on the field in OT. Or instead of a stupid coin flip, maybe have the team that had the lead for most of the game go first, or maybe the team with the greater TOP. Or it could be the team that scored more in the 2nd half or the 4th quarter. I think that would result in less bishing about a coin toss deciding who wins the game. Now you know, if you want the ball in OT, have the lead for most of the game or the greater TOP.