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  1. electrickeagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    I have this mindset - like you said, let’s go out winning just like last year. Whatever happens, happens. Way it goes.
  2. ?Could you please tell her I'd like a call back and some meatloaf.
  3. Tough year for Heath. Eagles win the Super Bowl and now this... I wonder what Merril Hodge is up to these days
  4. electrickeagle

    Connor Barwin say it isn't so??

    Dang. Good Luck Connor - except, well you know...
  5. electrickeagle

    Concerning DirecTV

    This happened to me too. Bummer. Looking for a workaround and will let you all know if I find one.
  6. electrickeagle

    Concerning DirecTV

    THANK YOU! Will check this out - much appreciated, Sir!
  7. electrickeagle

    Concerning DirecTV

    No luck with PSVue. I guess they've caught on. Bummer.
  8. electrickeagle

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Good thoughts...and we shall see...bring it on! Cannot wait...but I will.