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  1. electrickeagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    I have this mindset - like you said, let’s go out winning just like last year. Whatever happens, happens. Way it goes.
  2. ?Could you please tell her I'd like a call back and some meatloaf.
  3. Tough year for Heath. Eagles win the Super Bowl and now this... I wonder what Merril Hodge is up to these days
  4. electrickeagle

    Connor Barwin say it isn't so??

    Dang. Good Luck Connor - except, well you know...
  5. electrickeagle

    Concerning DirecTV

    This happened to me too. Bummer. Looking for a workaround and will let you all know if I find one.
  6. electrickeagle

    Concerning DirecTV

    THANK YOU! Will check this out - much appreciated, Sir!
  7. electrickeagle

    Concerning DirecTV

    No luck with PSVue. I guess they've caught on. Bummer.
  8. electrickeagle

    Lael Collins dominating

    Not taking a chance on Collins still hurts.
  9. electrickeagle

    Ok enough is enough. Time to boycott the NFL.

    Yep - same here. Even back in the day the quality of coverage was much better. We hear now about who is tweeting what and where they were on Saturday night. Way back when, we learned about players and even their families/hardships/what drove them to the NFL, etc. Much better than what we have now. I tune in right before (and sometimes) just after kickoff. Much better this way, for me.
  10. electrickeagle

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Good thoughts...and we shall see...bring it on! Cannot wait...but I will.