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  1. PoconoDon

    Johnny Manziel

    ...and Tom Brady did not. Winning a college popularity contest doesn't make a player great, just popular.
  2. PoconoDon

    Cleveland Browns draft futility.

    They have enough talent to win some games and not end up picking 1st overall next year. The issue seems to be how that talent is used. The coaching staff needs to step up their game and find a way to bring the players with them. I do have sympathy for their fans though. They remain loyal despite decades of regular beat downs. I actually hope they have a good season this year. They need it.
  3. PoconoDon

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The Washington Firewaters?
  4. PoconoDon

    North Dakota Eagles fan

    LOL. yeah, that's hot for anyone. Still good to hear you endured it and enjoyed yourself.
  5. PoconoDon

    North Dakota Eagles fan

    I'm so glad to hear you had a great time. I'll assume you had good weather for the tour bus ride. I'm sure the wedding was awesome. Definitely come in for a home game when you can. When the crowd at the Link is going full tilt, there's nothing like it.
  6. PoconoDon

    Connor Barwin say it isn't so??

    I hope he has monster games against Dallas and Washington. JP and/or Lane will handle him when the Eagles play him.
  7. PoconoDon

    Gene Steratore Retires

    Sorry to see him go. I always liked him.
  8. PoconoDon

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    The Niners and Giants are facing the same problem, a really really good team at the top to overcome. The Rams and Eagles are clearly at the top of their divisions. I don't think either of those teams will be ousted as division champs. I don't think any will do it, but if I have to choose... Then it's the Texans by default for me. They might catch the Jags, but i'm not sure. I think the Steelers, Pats, Saints, Vikings, and Jags will probably hold on to their respective divisions and the Broncos aren't ready to make the jump.
  9. PoconoDon

    NFL Live ranks NFC East QBs...Foles #1

    Overall I rank them this way: 1. Carson Wentz - He was the runaway league MVP prior to his injury and was only in his 2nd year. He responds very well to pressure packed moments and regularly makes a good play out of nothing. There is zero evidence to suggest that he can't win the big one, but a lot of evidence that can overcome obstacles to success. He's gonna get some rings moving forward. 2. Nick Foles - He proved everything we needed to see in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Historically, his highs are off the charts and his lows are too low, but he's clutch, a winner, and the Super Bowl MVP. Gotta tip your hat to him, he's earned it. 3. Eli Manning - He may be fading some now, but he didn't have a lot of help in 2017 and he's still capable of playing at a high level...at least against us he can. 4, Alex Smith - I always thought of him as an above average QB who can't take over games when he needs to. Nothing has changed my opinion of him. 5. Dak Prescott - Yeah, I hate the Cowboys, but that's not why he's #5. When he lost his running game, he stunk. He couldn't compensate for that and his #1 WR being average. I think he may have actually learned a lot from that experience, and I expect he'll rise up these rankings some by this time next year...I think to #3 providing Foles is still around, and I expect he will be.
  10. PoconoDon

    Bucky Brooks = Bucketfull of cluelessness

    He's a funny guy!! or as this kid says:
  11. In order to further team building "in the backfield", the Cowboys' Jerry Jones announces a new song will be played in lieu of the National Anthem before all home games:
  12. PoconoDon

    North Dakota Eagles fan

    Enjoy! If you have time there's a lot of history to be taken in while in Philadelphia, including the Eagles' 1st Super Bowl win...but you already knew that.
  13. PoconoDon

    Redskins 'Pimped Out' Their Cheer-Leaders?

    The NFC East is a mess except for... The Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles!!!
  14. PoconoDon

    Ben Doesn't Know Why Steelers Went QB

    It's about lighting a fire under him. he can either respond to the challenge, quit football, or be replaced. What he can't do is what he's been doing.
  15. PoconoDon

    Pre SuperBowl Pre Cap Era

    May Jerry Jones keep control of the Cowboys for as long as he lives, and may he live a really, really long time.