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  1. They were among the league leaders running the ball too. He didn't have a lot of pressure to win without a running game.
  2. Wentz. I would've like to have paired him with Corey Davis though...alas, it wasn't meant to be.
  3. I don't expect Wentz to become a top 3-to-5 QB in year two. I expect incremental improvement over the next few years until around year 4 or 5 he can make a case for that assessment. He should get better overall as an individual player, but he should also have ups and downs along the way. One report from OTA's is that he missed 8 passes in a row, with 2 of them being drops. OK, it happens. The point is, can he reduce how frequently and to what extent it happens over time? If he is developing, then yes. If he hits some unexpected ceiling, then no. Let's give the kid some time before hitting the Panic button or the Canton button. As fans, we have to wait it out. Granted, we would love for his development to skyrocket and never look back, but it generally doesn't work that way. Even the great ones took a few years to grow into their roles, and they weren't perfect along the way.
  4. The Eagles should sign Darrelle Revis instead of Jeremy Maclin.

  5. Sounds like a fan ;)
  6. Last night at 14 overall, any name other than Howard was going to disappoint me and Barnett's name did just that. I'll admit I hadn't looked into him too much and I should have. Having done so now, I actually like this pick. He's a good solid DE prospect and everything I can find out about him says he will get better and better as time goes on. He really should to be a good one. I am curious as to how he fares against the bigger talented LT's like T. Smith, but I think he's got a chance to help out a lot.
  7. I just hope the POST-draft press conference includes this guy: #WeaponsForWentz
  8. Now let's hope that Howie and Joe understood the Dons...LOL! #WeaponsForWentz
  9. I don't care about a schedule. Just go down there and beat 'em.
  10. Cream always rises to the top. These two former first rounders simply haven't. Sometimes it's best to move on.
  11. An absolute 100% class act. the NFL is better for his having been a part of it. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rooney family and our condolences to Steelers' nation. May you Rest in Peace Mr. Rooney.
  12. The allegations sound more like injection.
  13. Pairing Corey Davis with Carson Wentz would be wonderful.