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  1. ESPN has announced Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland will be their commentator team for Monday Night Football. Lisa Salters will be the sideline reporter again this season. McFarland debuted last season as a field-level analyst. Jason Witten spent one season in the booth before returning to the Dallas Cowboys. You can only improve getting rid of Jason Witten right? Booger McFarland: Hold my beer(and my crane)
  2. flybynite

    Jets new uniforms

    The white uniform with green trim reminds me of a Hess toy truck. Throwback to their old owner.
  3. flybynite

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Dude went full-Ricky Williams. Never go full-Ricky Williams.
  4. flybynite

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    Gilette Stadium to be renamed Pfizer Field in honor of those little blue pills
  5. flybynite

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos for 4th rd pick

    In sports it seems like really elite superstars who become coaches or front office are often really mediocre at it and its the former non-superstar and often journeyman type players who have more success at coaching/front office
  6. flybynite

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    I was shocked that Janikowski actually kicked it that far. I was expecting it to not even make the endzone and wondered why Dallas had nobody back to catch and return it
  7. flybynite

    AFC Wildcard: Indianapolis @ Houston.

    I was visiting someone in the hospital and just got home. I saw Houston score to make it a 14 point deficit with 11 mins left. Did one of these bozo announcers really say Houston should onside kick? Realllly?
  8. flybynite

    49ers releasing Reuben Foster

    Redskins claimed him on waivers. They were the only team to submit a claim.
  9. This is so ridiculous. I would say the same thing if they were interviewing say Adam Schefter to be head coach. Just knowing about football is different than having coached. BTW, if this is the Brown's only minority interview and gets them covered by the Rooney rule it is a mockery of all the minority assistant coaches in the league.
  10. flybynite

    OBJ in a video with pizza, a blunt and cocaine

    Michael Irvin must be his life coach
  11. flybynite

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    The Patriots have to beat the refs... The Patriots were the 2nd least penalized team in the NFL last year. They got more first downs from a penalty called on the opponent than any other NFL team. They had the most yards via defensive pass interference of any NFL team. They gave up the fewest first downs via penalty to opponent than any NFL team. In the playoffs Vs Titans (4 penalties for 37 yards), Titans(10 penalties for 62 yards) Vs Jaguars (1 penalty for 10 yards) Jags (6 penalties for 98 yards) vs Eagles(1 penalty for 5 yards) Eagles(6 penalties for 35 yards) Look at those refs just sticking it to the Patriots. Lol
  12. flybynite

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    It's probably millenials because nobody bothered with the Patriots until they started winning under Belichick. They had horrible attendance and once had every home game blacked out for 2 years in a row. People can talk about the bandwagon Cowboys fanbase, but that was mainly national fans. Local Cowboys fans have been a loyal fandom. Boston and the region treated the Patriots like a minor league team for decades. They are a huge bandwagon