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    Rico Gaithers suspended one game. I met him in NOLA briefly in 2016. That's all I got.
  4. paco

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Remind me. Are you guys still paying for Romo?
  5. Porn is an addiction few talk about. Since this is a Football board: Ask Terry Crews. It almost destroyed his family. Being that said, it's not an excuse for what he did. But this does shed a light into his psychology
  6. paco

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I keep reading and every now and then you get a post that starts sane..... Then totally
  7. paco

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I read it's going to take a 1st. Of course, that's from various idiots on extremeskins who think a 30 year old LT whos been battling injuries each of the past two years is "easily" worth a first
  8. Or keep it as it is, but seed by record. It feels like every year we have an inferior team or two hosting a playoff game by virtue of their weak division.