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  1. paco

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Howie has been running the team similar to Vinny Cerratos R words the past few years. He has been pissing away draft picks in trades (league low over the past 2 years with 10 total) and pushing cap hits into the future so we are paying for guys that arnt here. Im not talking about cuts, im talking about legit FAs, like Darby this year (2.8 million in dead cap space despite being a UFA) and several contrats he made this year that will bite us in the year after the contract is fulfilled. That minimizes your future flexability and forces you to do ill advised restructures, like Alshon.
  2. paco

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    You might be going a tad too far back. The last two Romo restructures were
  3. paco

    Travis Frederick Retires

    Yup, they are off the hook for their base salary, but all guarenteed money becomes due. As a happy medium, id suggest treating retirements like post june 1st cuts.
  4. paco

    Travis Frederick Retires

    If im reading it right, its an 11 million dead cap charge. So they will "save" $935k
  5. At this point, he’ll probably get tagged to but time to work out a deal
  6. They have over $77 million in cap space. And 50 players signed. In a vaccuum, it could be done. The challenge is, they have a lot of free agents. So they have to balance who to try to keep and who to let walk. And Dak's contract will dictate some of that. PLAYER (31) POS. AGE FROM TO 2019 AAV STATUS MARKET VALUE Michael Bennett DE 34 DAL TBD $8,375,000 UFA - Robert Quinn DE 30 DAL TBD $8,000,000 UFA Market Value - Amari Cooper WR 26 DAL TBD $5,665,779 UFA Market Value Randall Cobb WR 30 DAL TBD $5,000,000 UFA Market Value Jason Witten TE 38 DAL TBD $4,250,000 UFA - Cameron Fleming T 27 DAL - $3,750,000 CO - Sean Lee OLB 34 DAL TBD $3,500,000 UFA - Christian Covington DT 26 DAL TBD $2,500,000 UFA - Byron Jones CB 27 DAL TBD $2,150,485 UFA Market Value Jeff Heath SS 29 DAL TBD $1,917,750 UFA - Joe Thomas ILB 29 DAL TBD $1,800,000 UFA - Tavon Austin WR 29 DAL TBD $1,750,000 UFA - L.P. Ladouceur LS 39 DAL TBD $1,030,000 UFA - Kerry Hyder DE 29 DAL TBD $1,000,000 UFA - Kai Forbath K 32 DAL TBD $930,000 UFA - Malcolm Smith OLB 31 DAL TBD $930,000 UFA - Maliek Collins DT 25 DAL TBD $887,545 UFA - Xavier Su'a-Filo G 29 DAL TBD $822,500 UFA - Ray-Ray Armstrong ILB 29 DAL TBD $805,000 UFA - Darian Thompson FS 26 DAL TBD $720,000 UFA - Justin March OLB 27 DAL TBD $720,000 UFA - Dak Prescott QB 27 DAL TBD $680,848 UFA Market Value C.J. Goodwin CB 30 DAL TBD $675,000 UFA - Daniel Ross DT 27 DAL TBD $645,000 RFA - Anthony Brown CB 26 DAL TBD $618,737 UFA - Kavon Frazier S 26 DAL TBD $610,089 UFA - Blake Jarwin TE 26 DAL TBD $563,867 RFA - Cooper Rush QB 26 DAL TBD $556,667 RFA - Antwaun Woods DT 27 DAL TBD $525,000 ERFA - Adam Redmond C 27 DAL TBD $525,000 RFA -
  7. paco

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The run failed. Greg Olsen to the Seahawks. It was between them, the r words and the Bills
  8. paco

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    I just wish the NFL made more money so it could compete with juggernauts like 60 minutes.
  9. paco

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Here is another good one from over there: Change at QB- Expext massive changes for 2020. Expext
  10. paco

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Should be anymore OP