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  1. Mike Shanahan says drafting Kirk Cousins was a 'steal'
  2. I could be wrong, but I thought I remembered the story was that he wanted no part of RG3 and Kirk was "his" pick.
  3. That had me wondering, do they have anyone on the roster left from that draft? 1 2 Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III † QB Baylor Big 12 from St. Louis [R1 - 1]; 2011 Heisman Trophy winner [N 2] 3 71 Washington Redskins Josh LeRibeus G SMU C-USA from Buffalo [R3 - 4] 4 102 Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins † QB Michigan State Big Ten 4 119 Washington Redskins Keenan Robinson LB Texas Big 12 from Pittsburgh [R4 - 11] 5 141 Washington Redskins Adam Gettis G Iowa Big Ten 6 173 Washington Redskins Alfred Morris † RB Florida Atlantic Sun Belt from Minnesota [R6 - 2] 6 193 Washington Redskins Tom Compton OT South Dakota Great West from Pittsburgh [R6 - 10] 7 213 Washington Redskins Richard Crawford CB SMU C-USA 7 217 Washington Redskins Jordan Bernstine CB Iowa Big Ten from Buffalo [R7 - 3] Nope
  4. NFL in July is boring. Here is a throwback from 10 years ago.
  5. Eh, I pretty much agree. 2015 he had a great overall season and I would argue Washington was right to tag him. Last year he put up some pretty good numbers too (More yards, less TDs, about even INTs) but the team faltered at the end. And he did that with Garcon and Jackson. Personally, I don't buy him being paid like some of the other top tier guys as I don't see him as the guy that makes his WRs better like a Brady or has that "it" factor to will his team to win like Rodgers. If he has a great season with a virtually new cast at WR (sans Crowder), then you pay him.
  6. Wait, so THATs the straw that breaks the camels back for him?
  7. eh... why not:
  8. Oh well, we can still mock their racist name and their racist history which began with their racist founder JPM. And their current owner wont change it because dollars. And it will stop Snyder from trotting out fake native american chiefs to defend their name. So sleep well. Freedom of speech is protected and so is our freedom to mock how awful the R-words are.
  9. Yup. Sports is an escape. Mix in politics and it loses its appeal.
  10. Only if he ripped his button up shirt off to reveal a wolf shirt ala NWO heel turn "You see this guy right here, he made 4.5 million last year and only had 2 touchdowns. I tell you, he couldn't score with a prostitute if he had a $100 hanging out of his zipper" I'm all in. This needs to happen
  11. Also... This ^^^^^^ should make the people in the organization think "Maybe we're on the wrong side". But of course, the name has $$$ associated with it, so nah.
  12. Made me think of this (language warning)
  13. That's pretty much what I think it is. A yes man who is also a fan favorite so the people don't complain too much. Then again, who knows. Maybe he'll turn out to be great.
  14. Redskins name Doug Williams VP of player personnel
  15. Fake news, he wrote that a year before the draft
  16. Looks like the point was already made and much better than my post. I should have scrolled down a little
  17. Thinking it means less football is dumb. You have the exact number of games
  18. The better solution would be to get rid of thursday games, but they'll never do that. Because, dollars.
  19. He was just w****** for wedding gifts Seriously. Those are the empty boxes of wedding gifts he got from r-words fans.
  20. Yeah, yeah. It's been rough very recently. But not so rough that I'm jealous of 2 playoff wins in 17 years however
  21. Ohhh.... lol, yeah. I remember that one as well. That whole "sorry for benching you last week" extension really blew up on them in a front office PR way. Too bad it was structured in a way they could cut with no financial ramifications.
  22. I remember that. (assuming you mean the 2013 opener) Their climax was when R3 ran on the field and planted the redskins flag. The "OMG, THIS IS IT! SUPERBOWL" vibe was tangible. Then reality sunk in
  23. Well, yeah. He's been retired for 6 years
  24. Not if it's Dallas, DC or NYC. In those cases, I encourage it.