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  1. On 1/10/2019 at 2:30 AM, vincent_NJG said:

    Yes. Unless the coaching staff is a bunch of idiots, they know who the better player is. When fully healthy, Wentz showed hes an MVP level QB. Unfortunately for him, health is now becoming a huge concern.

    Yes. "Right now" a healthy Foles is better than an injured Wentz. 

    Wrong again my friend. Foles owns all the records and all the trophy's. Everyone is hoping Wentz can do what Foles already has. 

  2. 3 hours ago, vincent_NJG said:

    You're misinterpreting my argument.

    Foles has only twice in his career entered a season as the legitimate starting qb of a team. 

    Carson has 3 times already.

    Until Foles becomes an established successful starting QB in this league my point will still stand.



    He was the legitimate starter coming into this year even though he didn't start the year and didn't finish the year? And even if he did start the year, how does that make Wentz better? Starts don't matter, results matter. I agree Wentz has a ton of upside, but until he realizes his potential his career accomplishments will always pale in comparison to Foles. "Right now" Foles is better and the stats back that up. You say you are comparing what you have seen. Are you talking about athletic ability or about clutch QB play in the biggest games in football? Physical talent is only a small part of being a great QB.

  3. On 12/24/2018 at 10:08 AM, vincent_NJG said:

    We saw Collins start week in week out from mid '99 to end '03. He didn't miss a start in that stretch. Not even a few snaps with the exception of the NFC championship game blowout where he broke all kinds of records and sat out the 4th.

    Later on, he went to a pro bowl while playing for Jeff Fischer.

    We have yet to see Foles complete full seasons as a starter. We've seen great stretches in spots. 

    I get it, you're part of the Foles cult following. One of those who are actually thinking that he might be better than Wentz.

    Foles IS better than Wentz.