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  1. james1345

    Doug Pederson Press Conference

    I love the optimism, but I'm just not feeling that right now. Moving on from a Super Bowl hangover is taking its toll on this team. The window for us to get back to the Super Bowl is closing. Ray Lewis had expressed a desire to get into coaching. He's the sort of guy that this defense needs.
  2. james1345

    Doug Pederson Press Conference

    Yeah, this team is not going to do much this year. The Eagles need to fire Jim Schwartz and hire Ray Lewis.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Jim Schwartz is fired after this season. Doug Pederson should hire Ray Lewis.
  4. Hey Dave, He said that the loss is on him. Is he admitting to complacency? Thanks. Best, James
  5. But you need to bring someone in to challenge him.
  6. Lane Johnson's struggles is the most surprising thing to me. Jason Peters had a great career, but I think it's fair to say that he needs to retire.
  7. My mind is focused on next year. Our secondary and O-line is garbage!
  8. Hey Erie, Do you agree with that assessment? Mills is too slow, they need to play bump and run or they simply need to move him to safety, end of story.
  9. Some Eagle fans call in to the Jon Marks & Ike Reese Show to say that they aren't that upset as far as us losing games. Lol.
  10. Hey Dave, "I'm firmly behind Jalen Mills as a corner," Schwartz said Tuesday. "One of the reasons we had a big parade on Broad Street [for the Super Bowl win] was Jalen Mills." Seriously?. I thought Doug Pederson said that we had to move on from last year. Also, I'm starting to hear Eagle fans become complacent. Losing is okay now because we won a Super Bowl. That's ludicrous! Thanks. Best, James
  11. They will need DT, S, and maybe two cornerbacks. As far as the offense, I think we should bring in a bigger back or draft one, draft an OT, and OG, and go after a solid No. 2 receiver.
  12. james1345

    Wide Receiver

    Clearly, this team hasn't moved on from the Super Bowl victory. The most annoying thing to hear is when Doug Pederson says that Jalen Mills is good.
  13. james1345

    Wide Receiver

    We only have so much cap space, bro. It is what it is. Congrats on the Eagles committing the most penalties in team history!
  14. james1345

    Wide Receiver

    Hey Dave, Do you think that Howie Roseman will actually make a move? The Eagles are missing that receiver who can take the top off a defense. Thanks. Best, James
  15. james1345

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    This team has the most penalties in team history! Doug Pederson is too complacent!