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  1. A Team That Lacks Discipline

    No, but I expect a head coach to hold his players accountable.
  2. A Team That Lacks Discipline

    Did anyone hear what Ike Reese said on the Post Game Show? He said that it's ridiculous for fans to want Agholor benched or cut. Lol.
  3. A Team That Lacks Discipline

    Hey Dave, He lacks discipline, nobody is even responding to his coaching. It's the same old mistakes over, and over, and over again. We need to hire someone that the players will actually respect. If I'm Jeffrey Lurie, I would hire Tom Couglin, Bill Cowher, or even John Gruden. The fans deserve a lot better than this, Dave. Thanks
  4. Carson Wentz Should Be Starting Week 1

    Hi bro, I'm hanging in there. What about yourself? I think Carson Wentz will be healthy enough to start.
  5. Hey Dave, there is conflicting reports out there. Is he going to start or not? Thanks Dave
  6. Nelson Agholor

    Yeah, I totally understand. I just never liked the pick to begin with. It wouldn't surprise me to see him traded before the regular season.
  7. Nelson Agholor

    Hi Dave, I'm sorry to say this, but Nelson Agholor is not playing like a 1st round pick. I don't know what's going on with him, but I don't think he deserves to be on this team. Paul Turner has outplayed him. Your thoughts? Thanks
  8. Fletcher Cox

    Hey Dave, Everyone is talking about Bradford getting a new contract, but what about Fletcher Cox? I'm sorry, but I am getting a bit annoyed by the Bradford contract talk. Bradford played well in 7 games, but that doesn't make him a Super Bowl caliber QB. He has to be able to lead this team to the playoffs before I am even convinced. As far as Cox, he has proven it on a consistent basis.
  9. RG3

    Well, he didn't exactly have a great year.
  10. RG3

    I think he should take a pay cut.
  11. RG3

    Maxwell should have never got the contract that he got.
  12. RG3

    I don't get why people are so hyped up about Bradford. This guy won a handful of games down the stretch, but that doesn't mean he will win a Super Bowl. Honestly, I would give up a mid round pick and a player for AJ McCarron.
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo

    You are right, I will keep that in mind.
  14. Jimmy Garoppolo

    I don't claim to have all the answers, but it's always good to get other people's insight on the direction of this team.
  15. Jimmy Garoppolo