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  1. Hi Danny,

    Your inbox is full. Would you mind deleting some of your messages so that I can inbox you? Thanks. 



  2. Hey Mod 11, can you please delete one of my threads? Thanks and take care

  3. Hey Dave, how come I haven't been allowed to post a thread? Are you telling the Moderators to take my threads off?

  4. Hey Dave, the moderators aren't being fair by giving me a warning. You know I'm a respectful person, but when disrespects me I feel as though I have to stick up for myself. The moderators don't do anything when someone insults me or my mother. I think it's only fair that you have them take the warning off. You know as well as I know that the moderators have had it out for me awhile. Thanks

  5. "That's great for zone blocking and when the Eagles run the ball." "But - news flash - the Eagles have a passing offense, and Kelce and Watkins just aren't big or seasoned enough to withstand the pass rush long enough for Vick to step up in the pocket and throw."

  6. Hey Dave, why do you let Moderators and other people to disrespect me on the EMB?

  7. Hi Moderator 3, I find this thread very offensive. I would appreciate if you took it off.

  8. Hey Dave, I'm all about getting Patrick Peterson. He is definitely a beast fo sure. GO EAGLES!!!