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  1. Dave I truly hope that is the answer. A great guy and a great football player.
  2. I was saying this last year. Why are we not using Celek. Everyone was saying I had a bromance. I just know what Celek has done in the past and can do if you give him a chance. He is a great blocker and the other two yahoos can't block if you put the guy right in front of them. I understand you have to protect Wentz, but we are missing out on a great talent by not utilizing him. He runs great routes and can get YAC.
  3. Like I have been saying this whole time. Celek can be our Whiten if we would just use him. Did you see the YAC on that dude? Come On Mam!
  4. Let's get our Celek the ball for a TD this game, please.
  5. Just wish we could get our Celek the ball like SF does.
  6. I agree we have good people that we don't use. YAC is on the bench and he can block also.
  7. bagger90

    [News] Game Preview: Giants Vs. Eagles

    Dave, i try to enter a comment on the news page but it says I have to log in first. So as you can see I am logger in. please fix this. Thanks.
  8. Frank two things. You have a great YAC TE in Celek but you are not using him???????? I would like to see a forward pass over the line of scrimmage please.h Thank you, come again.
  9. We have to cut the roster down but we sign more players?????????
  10. I thought a good coach coaches to the strength of his players. You have one of the best receiving TE that has great YAC and you put him on 2-3 team. You have a premier DE and you put him on the wrong side of the line. I know, only pre season, but WTF.
  11. Too the promised land