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  1. Guys we all do this, including me!!!!! We improved on D, we improved on O. But we always find something to grab on to that is negative about our Eagles. You know what they say; Think negative thoughts and only negative things are going to happen. I myself am very excited to see how this entire team TCB. Never had the hope I have for this team in my 60+ years as an Eagles fan. Let's get on that train!!!!!!!!!!!! All aboard!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Practice...we talking about practice!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see Pumphrey in a game against other D's. I am so excited with this team and can't wait to see them play this year.
  3. I think that falls in the category of does anyone care? I hope not, maybe recoup some of the money he stole from the Eagles
  4. I think they figured the WR can't catch the long ball, so let's see if they can catch a short pass. Aahhhh noooooo.
  5. I'll take the bet that the CBs don't reach the SB at all. May miss the POs also.
  6. Sorry timer I disagree. I think Celek is the best TE on the team all around. He blocks very well and can catch and has YAC. The problem is when Chip came in we stopped using him as a receiver for some reason. Oh that's right, because Ertz and Burton can't block.
  7. I have seen years where we had a great D and no O. Some years we had a decent O and no D. Now we are building on both sides of the ball like I have never seen in my 50+ years. Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. With this D that we have this is going to be good this year. If the O can compliment our D we should be in the hunt baby!!!!!!!!
  9. Way to go Philly and Mr. Long.
  10. Sproles congrats on your career no matter what you decide to do. It was a pleasure having you in our great city an part of the Eagles. Let's send him off (if he goes), with a SB ring.
  11. Join that awesome D together and get some. Fly Eagles Fly
  12. No, no, no, and no. He had a knee injury here before he left, and has one now. We are good with what we have, don't over think this.
  13. There are some sports casters talking about the Eagles. Saying what we did in the off season and the draft was the best in the NFL.
  14. It is about time. Go kick butt.
  15. Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!