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  1. So why did we stop using Celek as a receiver. Let's go Doug you have a great receiving TE and you are not using him.
  2. Lock him up now with a long term deal so he stays an Eagle for life.
  3. Keep them coming. Stay healthy. Go Eagles!!!!
  4. Imagine when these guys gel and really just start playing together. This is truly a sight for sore eyes.
  5. Understand it is only preseason. Understand we are in the process of building a team. But we looked bad and still didn't use Celek as a receiver. Also now we get rid of the only receiver that caught the ball last year. A fish floundering on shore comes to mind.
  6. Hope we USE our TE's as TE's this year and not blockers all game.Celek was a good receiver I agree on Celek. It seams we just stopped using him and it stays that way. Doug, Celek is a hell of a receiver, try him out.
  7. Come on timer, that's the old way of thinking. Positive thoughts, next man up, and the way the FO is working we will be fine. Go Birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Tommy, once again a great article. We have the it factor this year. We have improved all over the field. But no one is really talking about it in the media. I for one like it al Lot!!!!
  9. What's with all the hamstring injuries? Was in the military for 20+ years and only had one hamstring injury. We didn't stretch and warm up properly before. Stay healthy and get some!
  10. This is a good year. Even the kids are getting in on the sacks.