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  1. I agree we have good people that we don't use. YAC is on the bench and he can block also.
  2. Dave, i try to enter a comment on the news page but it says I have to log in first. So as you can see I am logger in. please fix this. Thanks.
  3. Frank two things. You have a great YAC TE in Celek but you are not using him???????? I would like to see a forward pass over the line of scrimmage please.h Thank you, come again.
  4. We have to cut the roster down but we sign more players?????????
  5. I thought a good coach coaches to the strength of his players. You have one of the best receiving TE that has great YAC and you put him on 2-3 team. You have a premier DE and you put him on the wrong side of the line. I know, only pre season, but WTF.
  6. So why did we stop using Celek as a receiver. Let's go Doug you have a great receiving TE and you are not using him.
  7. Lock him up now with a long term deal so he stays an Eagle for life.
  8. Keep them coming. Stay healthy. Go Eagles!!!!
  9. If we can stay healthy the sky is the limit.
  10. Imagine when these guys gel and really just start playing together. This is truly a sight for sore eyes.
  11. Understand it is only preseason. Understand we are in the process of building a team. But we looked bad and still didn't use Celek as a receiver. Also now we get rid of the only receiver that caught the ball last year. A fish floundering on shore comes to mind.
  12. Hope we USE our TE's as TE's this year and not blockers all game.Celek was a good receiver I agree on Celek. It seams we just stopped using him and it stays that way. Doug, Celek is a hell of a receiver, try him out.