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  1. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    The timing of the Eagles release really hurt Mathis and this makes me happy. I kind of hope he comes back on his hands and knees and we get something done with him. I know there is no shot with that, but our guards are scary unknown right now.
  2. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    I think the Eagles made a pretty point-blank statement with releasing Mathis and the timing of it all. The point is "If we think you are paid appropriately, and you want to skip volunteer camps and want to make a stink about your contract, we're going to "f" you". That's what the Eagles FO did by releasing him a month ago when teams just don't have the funds. I'm glad Mathis got screwed. I'm not just an FO advocate speaking here, sometimes the FO blows it as well (DeSean Jackson).
  3. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    Mathis is a d o o s h