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  1. Fresh Prince

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    He was robbed of his sack record when Brett Favre laid down for Michael Strahan.
  2. cape movies don't mean a thing for real don't take that fake kids ish too seriously
  3. Fresh Prince

    Chiefs fan cited for shining laser at Tom Brady

    He should be put in jail for not doing it well enough to make the Patriots lose
  4. Fresh Prince

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Seems like the Giants like collecting Gerbils as safeties
  5. Fresh Prince

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

  6. Fresh Prince

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    McVay didn't show the balls Doug did. Offensively I didn't see any Super Bowl urgency from the Rams.
  7. Fresh Prince

    Chicago Bears Control Our Destiny

    We control theirs.
  8. Fresh Prince

    REPORT: Raiders set to hire Mike Mayock as GM

    I'm going to miss him as Eagles preseason commentator. Preseason games are all about player analysis so he was a great one to have in the booth.
  9. Fresh Prince

    Call your sleeper team now!

  10. Fresh Prince

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    I get sad watching the Colts. That team is doing things on offense that we did last year.
  11. The record I care more about is 593-618-26 If Carson Wentz has the winning career of 10+ years that many are expecting, that record may finally pull even.
  12. Fresh Prince

    Week 7: Broncos @ Cardinals

    Past Eagles great Larry Fitzgerald
  13. Fresh Prince

    Week 7: Broncos @ Cardinals

    Nice pick by future Eagle Patrick Peterson tho
  14. Fresh Prince

    Week 7: Broncos @ Cardinals

    Man, hate games like these. Two teams I don't care about and a huge blowout. The dirt worst.
  15. Fresh Prince

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Love watching Tennessee getting beat bad