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  1. I'm glad that the Browns got 9 players for the Carson trade but I still enjoy the Eagles finally having a franchise quarterback.
  2. Wow, what a game!!!!!
  3. What a catch!
  4. The skins beat GB so they would get in even if Detroit wins, the only way the skins don't get in is if they lose to the Giants this weekend.Come on Giants!!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry I disagree, if Chip was such a great mind and innovator we would be seeing some kind of improvement from his teams using his system after 4 years in the NFL.
  6. Now that is some major hate right there, lol.
  7. Not surprising, Fisher should have been gone years ago.
  8. I can't stand Arians, he is such a crybaby.
  9. I say the Eagles go QB, they seem to be collecting them this offseason, lol.
  10. I don't know much about college players but I think they should go RB or OL here. Is there any good value here on either of those positions?
  11. Interesting first round.
  12. Think they would be interested in Sam Bradford? Lol!
  13. Wow, they gave up a lot, are you sure that Chip is not running the show in San Fran?